Linguavision Song Contest XII
Forever Together, Forever One
Linguavision Song Contest XII
Confirming date August 3rd, 2017
Voting starting date August 8th, 2017
Voting ending date August 27th, 2017
Results date August 28th, 2017
Venue Kombank Arena, Belgrade
Presenter(s) Yaroslav Djinetsk
Vladimir Maklov
Director Diamel Mapping
Executive supervisor(s) Arkmarken
Host broadcaster Saraim National Musical Network [SNMN]
Opening act Saraim National Anthem sung by Saraimian National Children's Choir
Interval act On Dirait - AMiR
Number of entries TBA
Voting system Each participant awards 1-8, 10, 12 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Linguavision Song Contest

The Linguavision Song Contest XII was the twelfth monthly edition of the Linguavision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia all singing in different languages.

STOP VOTING! Results will be announced on 10:00 GMT



Monteregis Flag

Monteregis is the winner of the Linguavision Song Contest XII! See you in Havenech!


You must read the rules before competing!

  • You have time to vote! (Important, you need to vote!) (You must mention your nation while voting)
  • You CAN'T change your votes after you vote.
  • Your own nation
  • Flag to your nation
  • Song that you want to use in the competition (Song name and Artist)
  • You can't use a song that has been used in a previous editions (Here's a list of used songs)
  • Also, you can't leave from the contest when the voting starts. The participant must send these in the confirming comment:
  • Name of the nation (real nations and FuNations are not allowed)
  • Flag of the nation (It needs to be in the comment, otherwise your application is not in)
  • Song and artist of your song (The same artist shouldn't be used more than once in the same edition)
  • Slogan you would like to use if your nation wins
  • Slogan can't be rude neither offending to anyone
  • Which city would host Linguavision Song Contest if your nation wins
  • Language of song
  • Be nice for others. If rude situations will repeat you might be disqualified!
  • Only Scones, Arkmarken and Diamel can edit this page as they're admins of the LSC.
  • Placeholding is not allowed and has no effect on confirming


Kombank Arena.jpg
Kombank Arena

Shortly after Saraim won the previous edition, the musical broadcaster of Saraim, Saraim National Musical Network, started to seek the host city and host venue for the twelfth Linguavision Song Contest. Three venues sent a bid for hosting the contest and these venues were SPC Vojvodina in Novi Sad, Kombank Arena in Belgrade and Palace of Sports in Pristina.

SNMN announced that Kombank Arena in Belgrade would be the host venue for the 12th Linguavision Song Contest. Kombank Arena has a capacity of 18,386 attendees.

City Venue Capacity Notes
Novi Sad SPC Vojvodina 10,000 Hosted concerts and Basketball championships.
Belgrade Kombank Arena dagger 18,386 Hosted several concerts and basketball events.
Pristina Palace of Sports 10,000 Hosted 11th Linguavision Song Contest, concerts and basketball events.

Participants (32)

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Nation Artist Song Language Place Points
Saraim Saraim (Host) AMiR Tres Haut French 2 113
Bisc Biscasia Ruth Lorenzo Renuncio Spanish 4 112
PustoynaFlag Pustoyna IOWA B'yot Bit Russian 13 44
MonteregisFlag Monteregis Louane Avenir French 1 117
Flag of Hanevakia Hanevakia ByeAlex Kedvesem Hungarian 21 30
Slavonica NEW Slavonica Carrapicho Chiki Chiki Ta Portuguese 31 29
PicsArt 08-03-06.03.57 Quito-Lamea Suzy Quero Ser Tua Portuguese 17 34
RioGrandeFlag.svg Rio Grande Los Morancos Pluma Pluma Gay Spanish 12 45
Apollo Union Apollo Union Lil' Kleine Alleen Dutch 14 43
Sweden-finland flag Sweden-Finland Lena Philipsson Det Gor Ont Swedish 22 30
Flag of Swedish Canada Swedish Canada Jon Henrik Fjällgren Jag Är Fri Sami 24 27
Flag of ALboran Alboran Kaiti Garbi Ellada Chora tou Fotos Greek 28 22
Aneto Aneto Shakira Loca Spanish 2 113
Flag of Caribbean Federation Caribbean Federation Las Ketchup The Ketchup Song Spanish 6 97
Flag of Republic of Anatolia Anatolia Tarkan Yolla Turkish 19 32
Katkaris Alternate Flag by Mazovian Katkaris EXO MONSTER Korean 5 103
Oreclnia Flag Orecolnia Julien Bam Everyday Saturday (Parodie) German 27 23
Bellum Salvenia Trio Alpin Die Berg hab´n an Gipfl German 11 50
Antigonid Macethracia Constantine Cullen TRAGILA Greek 32 18
Savonia2 Savonia Nelly Ciobanu Hora din Moldova Romanian 29 20
Flag of Aronian Republic Aronian Republic Francesca Michielin Vulcano Italian 7 89
Slavic Confederation Flag Slavic Confederation ALMA La chute est lente French 9 71
Asgathia Asgathia Shooglenifty The Untied Knot Scottish Gaelic 20 32
Vkyconfd Valkyria LiSA Crossing Field Japanese 8 78
Baltorus Flag Baltorus ??? I Love Beijing Tiananmen Chinese 16 39
URoW Westphalia Max Schneckenburger Die Wacht am Rhein German 15 40
Albadonia Albadonia Goose House Hikaru Nara Japanese 10 52
Neo Prussia Neo Prussia Bilderbuch Maschin German 25 26
SwitzlovenkiaFlagByKingNick Switzlovenkia DJ-Ötzi Anton Aus Tirol German 30 20
Adsız3 Frangleterre Gabrielle Nattergal Norwegian 18 33
Flag of Turkic Federation Turkic Federation Aleyna Tilki Sen Olsan Bari Turkish 26 25
Тристарния Thristarnia LOBODA Tvoyi Glaza Russian 23 27






  • FlagOfQysid Qysid (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)
  • Screenshot 20170704-170640 Arland (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)
  • Proposal flag of sumer no 1 by resistance pencil-daj2yu3 Sumerian Republic (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)
  • Ijanusky-0 Ijanusky (Reason: Not voting in previous edition)