Linguavision Song Contest XIV
Dance 4ever!
LSC XIV theme
Venue Madrid, Flag of ALboran Alboran
Executive supervisor(s) Arkmarken
Host broadcaster RTVA
Number of entries TBA
Voting system Each participant awards 1-8, 10, 12 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Linguavision Song Contest

The Linguavision Song Contest XIV was the Fourteenth monthly edition of the Linguavision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia all singing in different languages.



Biscasia is the winner of the Linguavision Song Contest XVI! See you in Bilbao!


You must read the rules before competing!

  • You have time to vote! (Important, you need to vote!) (You must mention your nation while voting)
  • You CAN'T change your votes after you vote.
  • Your own nation
  • Flag to your nation
  • Song that you want to use in the competition (Song name and Artist)
  • You can't use a song that has been used in a previous editions (Here's a list of used songs)
  • Also, you can't leave from the contest when the voting starts. The participant must send these in the confirming comment:
  • Name of the nation (real nations and FuNations are not allowed)
  • Flag of the nation (It needs to be in the comment, otherwise your application is not in)
  • Song and artist of your song (The same artist shouldn't be used more than once in the same edition)
  • Slogan you would like to use if your nation wins
  • Slogan can't be rude neither offending to anyone
  • Which city would host Linguavision Song Contest if your nation wins
  • Language of song
  • Be nice for others. If rude situations will repeat you might be disqualified!
  • Only Scones, Arkmarken and Diamel can edit this page as they're admins of the LSC.
  • Placeholding is not allowed and has no effect on confirming


Barclaycard Arena.jpg
Barclaycard Arena

Shortly after Alboran won the previous edition, the Alboran broadcaster , Radiotelevisión Alborán, started to seek the host city and host venue for the thirteenth Linguavision Song Contest. Four venues sent a bid for hosting the contest and these venues were Barclaycard Arena and Caja Mágica in Madrid, Palau Municipal d'Esports de Badalona, in Badalona and MEO Arena in Lisbon.

Radiotelevisión Alborán announced that Barclaycard Arena in Madrid would be the host venue for the 14th Linguavision Song Contest. Madison Square Garden has a capacity of 18,259 attendees.

City Venue Capacity Notes
Madrid Barclaycard Arena dagger 18,259 Hosted several concerts and basketball events.
Caja Mágica 12,442 Hosted tennis events.
Badalona Palau Municipal d'Esports de Badalona 12,760 Hosted basketball and concerts events.
Lisbon MEO Arena 20,000 Hosted several concerts and basketball events.

Participants (30)


Nation Artist Song Language Place Points
Flag of ALboran Alboran (Host) So Tiri Thes Pastitchio Greek 7 70
Biscasia Biscasia Ricky Martin ft. Maluma Vente Pa' Ca Spanish 1 103
Pustoyna Pustoyna Greta Salóme & Jónsi Mundu Eftir Mér Icelandic 5 81
Slavic Confederation Flag Slavic Confederation Stromae Humain à L'eau (DJ SNAKE Remix) French 16 43
Neo Prussia Neo Prussia Red Army Choir Smuglianka Russian 11 51
Apollo Union Apollo Union BTS DNA Korean 18 42
Flag of Fryslan Republic Frisian Republic Kenny B Parijs Dutch 16 43
C8b5f81145b7e9f42cef48e10199de6e Lertinia Ruoska Mies Yli Laidan Finnish 21 38
Swedish Canada Swedish Canada Shurda RIP Clueless Swede Swedish 24 21
Тристарния Thristarnia J Balvin, Willy William Mi Gente Spanish 5 81
New Flag of Novvasrbija Novasrbija PSY GENTLEMAN Korean 2 100
Harinia Flag 5 Harinia Soda Stereo Cuando pase el temblor Spanish 14 49
Sweden-Finland Sweden-Finland Jenni Vartiainen Missä muruseni on Finnish 19 40
Western Flag by CJets Western Republic Alan Walker ft. April 99 Alone (Spanish Version) Spanish 3 99
Saraim Saraim Unheilig Wir sind alle wie eins German 25 15
Flag of Caribbean Federation Caribbean Federation Sara'h Shape of You French 9 63
Kareyanka Federasyonu Karianka TAEYANG EYES, NOSE, LIPS Korean 10 53
Savonia2 Savonia Bang Bang Pijani i zaljubljeni Croatian 20 38
Rio Grande Rio Grande Analin123 Yo soy un estafilococo Spanish 23 25
Baltorus Flag Baltorus Uriminzokkiri Without North Korea, there is no earth! Korean 15 47
Serelet Flag Serelet Eros Ramazzotti Otra Como Tu Spanish 29 10
New-flag-of-zaherus-with-coat-of-arms Zaherus VIXX Shangri-La Korean 22 36
Slavonica Slavonica I.M.T. Smile Hej, Sokoly! Slovak 27 12
Vkyconfd Valkyria Confederation BIGBANG BANG BANG BANG Korean 4 93
Flag of Austranland Empire Austranland Nassi La vie est belle French 11 51
SwitzlovenkiaFlagByKingNick Switzlovenkia Gerhard Schröder Hol mir mal 'ne Flasche Bier German 28 10
NCU flag Northern Commune Waffen SS Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen German 26 13
Quito-Lamea Quito-Lamea NAVIBAND Biažy Belarussian 8 66
Gaul flag by shikku27316-d6n7edb (1) Gallia Sophia Loren Mambo Italiano Italian 30 6
ValencianFlag Provencia Amir On Dirait French 11 51
Languages Used
Korean 6
Spanish 6
French 5
German 3
Finnish 2
Italian 1
Slovak 1
Croatian 1
Swedish 1
Dutch 1
Russian 1
Icelandic 1
Belarussian 1
Greek 1