A Linguer (plural Linguers) is a mapper which makes, dubs or subtitles a video of mapping into a foreign language other than English, as English is the original language mappers use.

Notable Linguers
- Drexmapper (Spanish)
- Happydance9 (French, Esperanto)
- Michigan Mapper (German)
- Thelolistan (Italian)
- Lisastr67 (Turkish)
- Hardkor55 (Polish)
- SzymonO32 (Polish)
- Paweł Kigler (Polish)
- Anonimowa 3 (Polish)
- zyraf 25 (Polish)
- Nemoks95 (Polish)
- Poland Ball (Polish)

(Please make a comment below if you dub your videos in a language, and you will be added). Note: There can be more than one person doing the same language, but it would be nice if people did different languages.

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