This is a complete list of all the nations in Europe 2.0, by MappingPez. They each contain a short little description of themselves.


Main article: Bevaria

Bevaria is a nation that conquered the Italian Peninsula and the Baltics. It was originally Slovenia, then it became the Holy Ottoman Empire. Because of Operation: Italia, it changed their name to Bevaria, and the operation was a "Plan B".


Main article: Galoria

Galoria is an empire that started off as Kurdistan. Due to popular demand, it became an empire and decimated the Middle East. It then became rivals with Bevaria, and it conquered the Asian Middle East, and Turkey. After the nuclear war between Iberia and Bevaria, in which they both fell, Galoria took their places and destroyed Baltica, Germany, and even Scandinavia and Murmansk. Their evil plot was finally cut off early when Operation: 2.0 took the entire land of Galoria, and they fell.

West Yugoslavia & East Yugoslavia

These nations were created when the Austrian Republic split. After fighting in European War I, or World War III, they combined themselves into Yugoslavia, and nuked down Hungary along with themselves.

Austrian Republic

The Austrian Republic was a nation that formed after THOE and Galorian Empire started a rivalry. They consist of Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Slovenia. It invaded THOE along with Galorian Empire to force it into their Plan B. And Plan B took place, THOE renamed themselves into Bevaria, and went neutral with Austrian Republic. It split when the government decided Bevaria didn't seem like a threat anymore. Austrian Republic split into their original countries, West Yugoslavia, East Yugoslavia, Hungary, Baria, and New Crimea.


Baria is a country that split from Austrian Republic. Nothing much is special about Baria. It died when Yugoslavia (WY&EY) decimated them in World War III.

New Crimea

New Crimea is a country that split from the Austrian Republic. It was originally supposed to take over Crimea, but the government said otherwise. After World War III, and in the European Revival, New Crimea renamed themselves to Burgas. When Galoria took over, it objected over the territory claims. Due to Galoria's liking for domination, it died very quickly.

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