Look that and you know what is Sirius:

Sirius TE Alpha Preview

It is just a Alpha,so it can have Bugs

Your PC will think it´s a Virus,but it is not a Virus.

Get it

Sirius 2 Home Edition

Download:Sirius 2 Home Edition +Functions

  • Browser splits up in 2 Parts
  • Is Easy
  • You don´t need Password!
  • Advanced Game
  • Advanced Browser

Sirius 3 (Code Name:Multipse


  • Word
  • Notepad 2(Advanced)
  • 2 Browsers
  • Settingfull Desktop
  • Modern Design
  • News Programm
  • Mail Programm
  • Mapping Center
  • Replace Windows
  • Polandballmaker
  • More Tools

Sirius 3 Demo

Password and Username are 2 First: Sirius have no Virus,because in my Programming Leaguage you can not make real Viruses.

Sirius 3 have no Buttons and have much Better Design as Sirius 1 and 2

Ethan's self review (please put it into a sub-section or else I can do it myself): Google Chrome let me download the installation thing but everytime I log in with username and password, it won't log in, it said that "The account is created" and the server has never 'created' it, without the username and password, you can log in directly. The program itself has problems on the screen, I am running on a school computer and the dimensions is about 720 or somewhere depends on Philipp's computer itself should be okay.

The internet website helps me to search but whever I search with URL, you can't press enter. Notepad runs well. In my opinion, this looks like a windows parody (no offence but this is similar to windows). I rather give a rating of 43% on designs (most of the shapes of each icon on the desktop is not good enough and they should keep the browsers and all inside it, I don't want to keep doing start screen on Windows 8 (unless you brought Start8 which stops making the annoyances) (removed it because empire) and 76% functionality for some useable ones. Only the account does not work. If it's an ISO, I'd rather go with that because empire. 


I know it´s Confusing and i have Choice the Windows 8 Style because i like it.

Write at Sign up Username 2 and Password 2 then Log in with it.

It´s a Virtual Operating System (so a exe)

I don´t know how i make the "wait" Screen,so i have Choice this one.

It have some .NET Errors but it still can run the Programms.

I don´t really like the Desktop because the Icons are bad but i will fix the Problem.



  • Word
  • Note Programm
  • Notepad 2
  • Better Design
  • Photo Viewer 2
  • Better Browser
  • News Programm

Sirius TE Alpha Preview

It is a Alpha,so it can have Bugs.

If you want install it click here: Get it

Maybe your PC will think it´s a Virus,because i used no Setup.

But is not a Virus.

Plus,The Bug with the Desktop is fixed.

Sirius 3

Sirius 3 Desktop

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