The Livonian Liberation Movement (LLM) is an organization that tries to secede from Talin and instead join Zapadrussia.


in 1527 Zapadrussian Revolution the counts of Livonia joined the self-proclaimed king Alexandr Zapadrus' of Zapadrussia, but were soon overrun by the Talinian army before a defensive line was formed in Daugava River.

Current Situation

40% of the people of Livonia are Zapadrussians, compared to 50% Talinians, 8% Polminskians and 2% other. Livonia had been a site of disputes between 1534 and 1989, but nowdays the Zapadrussian Government doesn't support the movement much. The movement claims to have 400,000 members, while the Talinian government claims it's only 10,000. Zapadrussian Gov says it is 100,000+, while most other powers put their numbers at around 80,000.


There have been occasions of the movement fighting with the Zapadrussian army, like in the World War 1 Livonian campaing and the Zapadrussian-Talinian war of 1971.

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