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Future Of Europe EP 1 So It's Begins (Portuguese Made Of With English Subtitles)

Future Of Europe EP 1 So It's Begins (Portuguese Made Of With English Subtitles)

Gas mask

This Is My Youtube Account Face.

The Begin

I was born and (still) live in Brazil Since i live here i don't ever had  seen an Brazillian youtuber playing Strategy Games Or Mapping. Only Doing What Brazillians Players Do... Being An HU3 HU3 HU3 HU3...

Inspirations And Help

All Started In Someday in December of 2013 When I Founded Drexmapper Channel, that was the first Mapping Channel i had ever see later i searched more further The So Love Series Called Future Of Europe Then I Found Zukas Ravatarius, GanDaiMe, GoldenRebel,Zephyrus Mapping,Danijel Radosav And Many Others.

Mappers That I Personally Say As Friends(If You Not in The List I Neutral To You)

Drexmapper= 150 He's First Mapper Channel I Found So......... He's Freaking Awesome!

GandDaiMe= He's The Second Youtube Channel That I See. His Videos Are Very Good! 89

GoldenRebel= He Do Videos Often Like Much Mappers As well He Helped Me Very Much 100

Zukas Ravatarius= Man Really Thank You So Much For Doing That Tutorial Video You're Freaking Awesome 140

Danijel Radosav= He Helped Me Ans Supported Me A lot And Let I Put His Official Nation In My Series (Byzanterism) 140

Zephyrus Mapper=He Helped And Supported Me A lot 80

That's All For Now!

Warning = Sorry if I'm A Little Sadistic.