MOaP was the TItan of the Colossal, being so big that whenever he stepped, all of Mapperdonia shook. He was sent on a quest by Mervue to 12 tasks, later called the 12 Bans.

Ban 1: MOaP's 1st task was to kill the Batikan Lion. He took his squires Zephyrus and Zukas with him and set off. While going to his nest, he made a club out of Mervuewood, and he killed the Batikan Lion with the club.

Ban 2: The second ban was to ban the Trio Hydra, but whenever you banned an alt, two more appeared. Zukas went to the corner and cried while Zephyrus burned the necks so that no new alts could grow

Ban 3: MOaP had to capture the deer of TheJarJar, that has the fastest in the World. However, MOaP was so big that it couldn't get away

Ban 4: The Arcian boar was roamin the Erymanthwiki for way too long, however MOaP, Zephyrus and Zukas noscoped it

Ban 5: It was to clean the stables of spam pages. After desparing for a long time, they decided to just move the stable and animals, so the spam pages were no longer IN the stable

Ban 6: Noscope the troll birds. shot them with bows and made them chicken pie

Ban 7: Capturing teh BruceMaps bull. MOaP tricked him into a cage using potatoes

Ban 8: Steal the ponies of Batran. Hardest ban, no one remembers how they did it

Ban 9: Obtain the belt of Golden. Bought it.

Ban 10: Steal the cattle of Batran. He was too depressed by the losses of his ponies so it was quite easy

Ban 11: Take the apples of MLG (used the help of the Titan Ethan)

Ban 12: Capture the guide of conflicts and guardian of the underbanworld and bring him back to Maplympus.

And after all that was done Zeph got a potato and became king of Mapynae, Zukas got infinate amounts of weed, and MOaP was blessed with bigness.

Story made by Zephyrus and Golden.

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