Since I'm getting tired of been in every faction I know, I have to separate myself from the other factions like the GCA, forming another faction that isn't communism.

The concept is to make this faction into a HRE-like, if we had enough members. If they split apart, they are under the rule of MUC. So like semi-factions, where there's four each, that doesn't mean it's counted as a faction alive. It's like a party but much bigger and the founder is a leader.

Flags will be done soon!


Founder: Ethan

Leader: Ethan

  • Ethan (Founder, Leader) Random flag (muc official flag)Random flag (leader flag)
  • Sunburn9000 Random flag (muc official flag) MUCmemberflag
  • MikiPL004 Random flag (muc official flag) MUCmemberflag
  • Kavishan Mapping Random flag (muc official flag) MUCmemberflag

Add yourself if you want to. You can join but you can stay with the other faction.



  • The founder himself can kick any persons that hate him.
  • Elections will be every two months.
  • The empire is a neutral faction. so its goal is making the wiki peaceful and making the foundation of UCMC/TCA.


  • The member of MUC can make a semi-faction, the size can have one to four members only.
  • Semi-factions don't count as factions.
  • The semi-faction's leaders can be the founder.
  • Semi-Factions are like 'parties' but in a different way, instead there is no two leaders leading it. Only the founder of his semi-faction himself be the electors.
  • Only one semi-faction can be joined by user. More than one means you have to decide which one.


  • Founder: Can manage the whole alliance and all abilities below. (Flag not done)
  • Leader: Cannot kick player, but can have abilities below.
  • Diplomat: Has to maintain diplomacy to other factions. (None yet, flag not done)
  • General: Can manage war involvement of MUC and military. (Not yet, because no wars have occurred, flag not done)
  • Member: Basic abilities like making a semi-faction. Can leave this if want to. (flag in progress)
  • Semi-Supporter: Can support the faction, can have a flag but not a semi-faction creation.
  • Supporter: Can support the faction but can be temporarily if possible. May not create a semi-faction or having a flag.



  • Recognised us (+10)
  • Threatening the peace (-20)

Relation: -10


  • Recognised us (+10)

Relation: 10


  • Recognised us (+10)

Relation: 10


  • Recognised us (+10)

Relation: 10


  • Recognised us (+10)

Relation: 10


  • Under Personal Union with us (+200)

Relation: 200


  • We protect them (+20)

Relation: 20


None for now.

Flag Making

Ethan - Diplomat Flag
Ethan - Founder Flag
Ethan - War Flag
Ethan - Badge of Peace

Anyone who's interested can help me make a flag! If you're interested on making a flag, try to remove my name and put it in. If not finished by two to three days, it'll be removed and replaced by me again.

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