This is the new and improved version of the Mainverse. The old mainverse was too strict and too difficult to actually take part of and that's why a new one was created by MOAP and DF. The newer mainverse works similarly to the older one, it's a group of universes where the Official Nations are actual countries in history.


  • If you have disputes with someone that you cannot solve, you will be forced into different universes
    • Your ON can be in multiple universes but the ON can only be canon in the primary universe, other ones are secondary and not the "real" ON, thus you must create a different story for your ON in the universes where your ON is not canon.
  • Every Official Nation is canon in their primary universe
  • ON's can be formed at any time that gives them a reason to be formed (there needs to be a reason for a nation to be formed)
  • ON's can interract with real world nations but real world history serves as the template for everything in the universe
  • Important real world events will happen no matter what (WW's, Napoleonic wars, Germany's formation, American Civil War, etc.)
  • The areas you colonize will determine which side you'll be in World Wars (If you control Indonesia, you'll be forced to be in the allies since Japan will invade Indonesia)
    • You can give the area to the member of your alliance if the nation is going to demand it to be theirs in the real world history (If you control Egypt, you can give it to Ottoman Empire and remain in the Central Powers)
  • You cannot change the world history radically (European ON cannot control Korea all the way until 1940's since Korea was used as a launching pad for invasion of Manchuria by Japan)
  • Your ON can and is suggested to take the part of another nation in world history (Sacrania takes Italy's place in World History, Ronschdilatia takes Romania's place, Talin takes Estonia's etc.)
  • Your ON can change the history, it doesn't need to follow the exact same route as the nation your ON replaces
  • You can question other people's ON's storylines but you cannot dispute them, but it is recommended that you provide an explanation for the question (In other words, don't be a jerk)
  • NO PREDICTION OF THE FUTURE (AKA preparing for WW2 before any signs of it even happen)

Rules for editing Universes-section

  • The first universe where your ON is featured becomes the ON's primary universe
    • Your ON might be forced to move to another universe if there are disputes that neither party can solve
  • Create a page for the universe where your nation is supposed to be in (unless there already is the page for the universe in which you wish to join in)
    • Once you've created a page for the universe, remember to create a hyperlink to that page on this one
  • Write the names of the nations in the universe in the "Nations"-section and write "(Primary)" if the universe is the ON's primary universe


Universe 1

Nations: Zapadrussia, Vordalkien (Go away, Trebzon and Miracium)

Universe 2

Nations: Adaristan (*are you happy iron we both keep western poland 'cuase were now in difrent mainverses) Zapadrussia (non-cannon version, but I can be everywhere because I solved my disputes with everyone ^^)

Universe 3

Nations: Tikolia (Stay the f*ck out, Akkér) Zapadrussia (non-cannon)


None yet, will be added once people ask questions.