Kingdom of Mamporia
Reino de MamporiaES

Mampria Flag.png

Mamporia at Maximum Extent.png
Location of Mamporia
Capital Tyou
Languages Spanish
Religion Catholic Christianity
Government Absolute Monarchy
Historical era Future
Currency Mamporian peso
Calling code +579
Internet TLD .mp
Flag of Coats Mamporia

Mamporia is an official nation created by TheJarJar99. The location is in the Iberian Peninsula. Its first and so far only capital is the city in the very Northwest corner of Iberia, it is called Tyou, after its founder, Daniel Tyou.


Mamporia was first founded in 2134. 16 years after the Nuclear Apocalypse. It was for a time, the only country on the map. So it expanded as far into Poland and Romania in its first 4 years of its existence. It was involved in a huge war where it was left only with its native Iberian land. As the ages passed, it rose and fell over and over again. At one point, it controlled the whole known world. And at others it was wiped off the map entirely, such as with the Spore Zombie Disease and Baramuth's great rise. Mamporia definitively has the largest and most diverse culture in the Jarjarian Universe.


Mamporia at maximum extent.


Some say they were the descendants of the Ancient Latins (Romans) and Greeks from the ancient colony/city of Hēmeroskopeion. But most of their heritage is made up from the Portugese and Spanish. They speak in a creole language mixed with those two languages. The cradle of Mamporian civilization was at the former border of France and Spain in Tyou (CAPITAL). The Mamporians are very much adapted to island and coastal conditions, which is why the rarely expand out of Iberia and Southern France.

Great Leaders

Due to Mamporia's long rich history, it has had some pretty amazing leaders who led the Mamporians through good times and bad. Here they are:

  • Daniel Tyou: 2134-2148 (Founder of Mamopria)
  • John T. Manz: 2230-2233 (Assassinated by Imperialist rebels)
  • Raymond of Madrid: 2567-2599
  • Anna the Powerful: 2599-2667
  • Rus Mumpi: 3009-3014 (Killed in the Baramuth Rise)
  • Francis of Talin: 3134-3189 (Married Queen Maria VIII of Mamporia and formed the temporary Mamopria-Talin Empire)