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The Mapanimator is one of the very first map animation creators, inspired by MervueMeringue, that published his video's on youtube.


The Mapanimator always loved history. He loved to play history-strategy games. E.g. Europa Universalis 3, Hearts of Iron 3, etc... Games, where one of the primary reasons why he started to make map video's.

Mapanimator is from Poland. He is currently attending highschool.


MapAnimator started his career by simply watching some history video's on youtube. Then he discoverd "The history of europe" video's made by MervueMeringue. He really liked them. In fact, he liked them so much, he decided to make his own. On his first few try's, he failed miserably, so he abandoned the project.

After a few years, he decided to try again. This time he actually started to get some good results, and decided to publish his video on youtube. He called it "The future of Europe part 1 History likes to repeat itself". This video showed a totally unrealistic and fictional future of europe. based on MervueMeringue's style of animating. After a while, he came back to the video, expecting critism, but surprisingly, he didn't find any. Instead he was encouraged with compliments and praised in the comments. So he decided to make more. He is still making them today.