This is now an Inactive Map Game.


1 - A Map is chosen each game!
It Varies from Europe-asia-north/south America-Australia and the middle east

2 - A country thats bigger than another country is stronger Than another countrt

3 - Every time its your turn You can take 1-2 Dark grey square(s) And Paint it black

4 - No cheating (obviously)

5 - If your capital is taken, relocate the capital temporarily.

6 - Change the color on where you want your nation to be!!!!!!!!!

7 - Only use the map Of the history!

Current Map

Blank map



Unions/unified countries

Both countries that are in the union control The union

they can change there name if they want

And Unions have randomly given out names To there locations!!!.


  • Kolonel heart (Rome) Navy Blue

Language: Latin
Culture: Italian

  • Philipp mapping (Chlero) Blue

Language: Chleron
Culture: Chleron

  • Philipp Mapping(Valgond) Dark Green


  • Philipp Mapping (Persia) Brown

Culture: Arabic
Language: Persian

  • Mapper freaker (Lertania) Red

Culture: Lertanian
Language: Lertanian

  • Mapmaker023 (Scandinavia) Light Blue

Culture: Norse
Language: Norwegian, Swedish

  • Mapmaker023 (Germania) Yellow

Culture: German
Language: German

  • Mapmaker023 (Denmark) Purple

Culture: Norse
Language: Danish

  • HappyDance9 (Anglo) Magenta

Culture: Anglo-Saxon
Language: English

  • HappyDance9 (Gauls) Sad Blue

Culture: Frankish
Language: French

  • NPC (Espana) Rouge Red

Culture: Castilian
Language: Spanish

  • NPC (Portugal) Light Orange

Culture: Portuguese
Language: Portuguese

  • NPC (Holland) Gold

Culture: Dutch
Language: Dutch

  • NPC (Irish) Green

Culture: Gælic Irish
Language: Gælic, Irish

  • NPC (Scots) Orange

Culture: Gælic Scottish
Language: Gælic, Scottish

  • NPC (Wales) Cloud Purple

Culture: Welsh
Language: Welsh

  • Ironhand21 (Hungary) Light Green

Culture: Hungarian
Language: Hungarian


Algeria (Blackish Grey)

Language: Arabic and Berber

Culture:Arabian and Mediterranean

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