Here is the new climate map with the terrains we have decided to use:

Map Game 2.0 Climate Map
Here are the benefits of the terrains:
  • Grassland = 1x food production, -10% on defense, normal manpower
  • Plains = 0.5x food production, -10% on defense, -20% manpower
  • Mountains = 0 food production, +20% on defense, -15% supply (15% of your whole army dies in these provinces), -50% manpower
  • Forests = 0.5x food production, +10% on defense, -5% supply (5% of your whole army dies in these provinces until the year 700 BC and tech lvls 5),  -20% manpower
  • Rocky desert = -0.2x food production, -15% supply (unless you've started in the Middle East (European Turkey and above Caucasus doesn't count),  -50% manpower
  • Sandy desert = -0.75x food production, -40% supply (same as in rocky deserts),  -80% manpower
  • After the year 1880, you can colonize deserts just like any other provinces and the manpower penalties go to -50% manpower for any nation that doesn't start in the Middle East/Africa (for them, the manpower is normal for the whole game)

Remember to click and See full size image. Also if anyone wants to correct anything, please correct the map yourself (use the terrains in Map Game 2.0). It would be appreciated.

The terrains used in Map Game 2.0 would've been forests, deserts, plains, grasslands, mountains, hills but I was lazy and didn't bother to create the hill provinces.

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