This is now an Inactive Map Game.

For reasons of ease of access, please put your Nations here. Do not put in either the modern countries or historical ones, (e.g. France, Bavaria, Germany, etc.)

Players (11)

  • MrOwnerandPwner - Miracium (Thrace) (Indigo or Prussian Blue)
  • Drexmapper - Serbatija (Illyria) (Red)
  • Zephyrus- Zapadrussia (Latvia) (Dark Grey)
  • Disturbedfan - Sacrania (Piedmont) (Blue)
  • Zukas - Trebzon (Kars) (Yellow)
  • Goldenrebel25 - Vordalkien (Anatolia, Ukraine) (Gold)
  • HappyDance9 - Franchere (France)
  • Ethan - Talin (Baltic) (Maroon or Brown)
  • 99batran - Brabrantium (Lowlands) (Dark Bluish-Green)
  • Multi Mappers - Valgond (Russia, Finland) (Purple)
  • MikiPL004 - Odernia (Poland, Germany, Bohemia) (Orange)

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