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Brabrantium starts out as a small Vietnamese Community in 10,000 BCE. They were suddenly attacked by their neighbors and was destroyed. The remnants traveled across Asia and sailed into Italy over the course of 15 years. Meanwhile they have had increasing use of horseback riding during their journey.

When they have finally arrived in Italy, tired from their journey but nevertheless became great travelers, they were rewarded with the exciting scenery of Italy. They eventually settled with the Latin/Samnite Tribes.

Over the period of 8000 years they slowly migrated out of Italy into Modern day Ludwigsburg, Germany, where they were first mentioned as "Galacones" (Ga-la-co-niz). A local tribe saw the poor tavelers starting to settle on their land. And drove them out, killing almost 500 Galacones.

Tired and exhausted, they finally made their way to Belgium, where they were helped by a local tribe belonging to the Frisii family. They eventually settled there and absorbed the tribe that helped them. Making them having a population that is well over 2,000. Things are finally looking up for them. Finally in 1,500 BCE, after milleniums of being bullied by local tribes, will they be able to rise up, and beat them all so history will finally remember their hardships and journey through the sands of time?

Starting location: Walcheren Island, Netherlands (1500 BCE), Ludwigsburg, Germany (2000 BCE), Central Italy (5000 BCE)


The ancestors of the Citizens of Vordalkien used to live in present day Bulgaria and Greece. Because of climate changes they were forced to move to Turkey. They then founded a country and expanded to Georgia and Southern Ukraine. Their future remains unknown...


Finnish hunter-gathers migrated to the area around Murmansk. There, they made a village, called Valgo. Valgo grew and became a city. The Valgondians then learned to farm, and they expanded to get new farmland. They then became known to other tribes as the feared Valgond.


The tribal community was been migrated to Europe since 10000 years ago (the origins are in Egypt or Africa) (humans migrated to Europe about 30,000-100,000 BC), finding some gatherer fear, the tribal chieftain was needed to be wise about 50 year old and upper can be a chieftain as they need to be wise and old. Lifespan can be difficult, since it is over 35 only during the Neolithic Age. So many militarious orders were been made, turning the tribe into a military place, where they train their own men into citizens. Keeping much men as possible, they promote their country into their own new technology, agriculture was arrived since the year 6000 BCE. Agriculture is so strong that domestication happened to the wolves in the northwards, domesticated into hunting dogs. For the hunters they preserved. The stone tools needed to be advanced, culture has spreader, religions of totemism has risen, forming the new era through there. A tribe that was belonged to the proto-Slavic ones, they were now been absorbed to the empire, too much for the near attack. Expansion happened slow, the main city becomes more populated of 2000. The naval seafare has built for people who is helping them, many of the citizens start fishing the territory making the food surplus, consuming much food as possible, they begin to gather communities and work to there, production has raised later, the little tribal community has expended larger at 1500 BCE, forming the population at 2500.

Will the people thrive through the whole game? Will it stand the test of time?

Starting location: Province of Tallinn (6000 BCE-1500 BCE), Province of Minsk (7000 BCE-6000 BCE), Province of Kiev (8000 BCE-7000 BCE), Province of Volgograd (9000 BCE-8000 BCE), Province of Alexandria (Pre-9000 BCE)


Sacrania was formed by italian, french and spanish merchants that had their villages raided and destroyed by barbarians. These merchants gathered together and formed the village of Turin in 3 000 BC. After that, the village got attacked by barbarians in multiple occasions. The merchant village had to survive somehow and they decided to give the barbarians money and land in exchange for them joining the village. The barbarians joined and taught everyone the skill of horseback riding. Now Turin has around 1 500 people and they have the thoughts of expansion is gaining more popularity among the people... How is Sacrania going to survive in the new world that has more advanced nations?


The people of Zapadrussia started in the land in North Indus. They were subjects of Indus Valley Civilization, but they wanted to be independent, and a war happened. Eventually, Zapadrussians (by that time known as Uttarens) utterly destroyed the Indus Civilization. They renamed themselves after their leader Vladiv Zapadrus', and became the Zapadrus' people. However, the allies of Indus Civilization followed them, so they had to flee westwards. They passed through Persia to Caucasus, where they settled for about a thousand years. In about 2000 B.C, they sent explorers northwards. When they returned, they spoke of plains and flatlands where the Zapadrus' people could farm and thrive. Soon, they left their mountainous homeland (although some of them stayed there) and arrived near the river Daugava, where they built city, Teut, which would later become Riga.

starting territory:

North Indus (8000-4000)

years from 4000-3500 are years of migrating from one place to another

Georgia (3500-2000)

Teut/Riga (2000-1500)


Serbatija firstly was created when the Slavs came to the balcans, followed by Hungarians. They tried to stablish in the Roman Empire, failing, but when Byzantium weakened, they entered in. They also tried to stablish in modern Hungary, but they were defeated by Avars and Hungarians. Byzantium didn't approved this and attacked the 2 slavis kingdoms there, Serbat and Croatja. They decided to join themselves. Since then, Serbatija decided to improve a lot his army to recover Hungary.

Startin' territory: Province of Illyria (8000-5000) Province of Belgrade (5000-2000) Province of Istria (2000-?)


The nation of France renamed to Franchere, as they thought it was time for new beginnings. Franchere watched over Sacrania to make sure they were safe.


The people of trebzon come from western siberia but it was too cold and they said hey am freezing dude and than they settled at belarus but again it was too cold and people where dying so they moved to north anatolia where there was a lot of water and materials they were able to built a big army and cities then discovered the greeks and merged with them forming the tribe of trebzon

Starting territory:






The Miracines began as a tribal people called Avals. The Avals migrated from Upper Egypt in 30,000 BC, where the Avals were hunter-gatherers that were migrating north to find land away frokm their enemies. Later in 4500BC, contact from a flegeling civilisation led to an agricultural revolution. In 4000 BC, the City-State of Avalia was founded in modern Constantinopole (Miraca). By 1500 BC, the City-State began to expand it's borders and founded more cities. The Empire of Miracium was founded by late Anquity due to latin influence in the region. 


The Poles came from Eastern Europe. They were indistinguishable from other Russian Tribes. But in 10000BC they decided to move to warmer regions. They standed in Ukraine for over 4000 years, but that was too boring. They decided to move around and see where is better. When they came to Western Poland in 3500BC they met German Tribes and then decided to meet with their culture. The Poles and Germans united together into Odernians and started a civilization.

Starting Territory:

Kazan (>10000BC)

Doneck (10000BC-5750BC)

Kiev (5750BC-5000BC)

Homiel (5000BC-4400BC)

Warsaw (4400BC-3500BC)

Berlin (3500BC<)

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