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Parker Pearmain



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Mapping, Hanging Out, Playing, Acting

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MrAmericanMapper, Miguel, Pez, Asdf, João, Phillip, Blue Mapper, Java Sea, Sunny, Mind, TheGreenGuy, TL, Ion, Taylor, etc.


My Lifespan


This is MapTangle. This is what happens when you give Mapmaker023 soap.

Alternate History of EU rope

Map I made in spare time.

Mapmaker023 (a.k.a. Parker Pearmain a.k.a. Mapmaker024) was one of the first would-be-mappers to watch MervueMeringue's History of Europe series. His offical nation is Belfrug. He is a Student (duh), Animator, Computer Programmer, Flag Football Player, Swimmer, Tennis Player, and

Debater. Proud of his reward for the 44,000th, 47,000th, 53,000th, and 232,000th edit on this wikia. His account was disabled so he uses Mapmaker024.

His Channel


Mapmaker023 was born in 2002 in Utah, USA. He was also born with Sensory Innegration Disorder (SID), which made his five sense and emotions more sensitive and weaker. He went to preschool, where his teachers whipped him because of his poor SID problem. Most people didn't really understand his problems, which made him usually get left out. In his 3rd Grade year his Mom bought a USA map for him to color on. He loved mapping. He also started watching YouTube, hoping one day he would find a person who would post mapping videos. He then came across Mervuemeringue's History of WWI and WWII. He knew it was poor quality but got attached to it. He later watched his series the "History of Europe", which appeared after a day of watching the WWI and WWII video. He was fascinated. His intrest grew even more when he went to 4th grade, where his teacher taught him all about history, politics and maps. He was very deppresed when MervueMeringue stopped mapping. He then came across TheJarJar99, 99Batran, and MrOwnerandpwner, who barely started their channels when he graduated 3rd grade. He hoped that one day that he would join them. In 5th grade his teacher was a history teacher and a mapper lover. They bonded and watched many videos together. But people still picked on him, and he became so deppresed in his time in the 5th grade period. However, the fellow mapping community made him perservere to not commit suicide. Around when he graduated 5th grade, he and his family moved to Germany since it was a large part of their heritage. He did web surfing, and he found TheFutureofEuropes Wikia, where he created a account and freaked out when he was able to talk to Mind1337 Mapping and soon everyone else. He finally convinced his parents to get him a Gmail account, which would lead him to make his YouTube channel. He is greatful for the mapping community to make him perservere on and keep him happy. He has currently a lot of episodes in his own series "The Alternate Future of Europe". He has made great influence/culture in the Mapping Community, even making a popular meme! His father found out that he had a YouTube channel, and he was very proud. He even taught him how to work the camera for his computer!Mapmaker has done a lot of things too, but his account got disabled so he now uses Mapmaker024 and they are the same person. he currently likes to map and is nearly reaching 200 subscribers. Mapmaker currently hangs out around the wiki and wants to be on the leaderboard too, since he once was on there but then his account was disabled.

Series Mapmaker has a lot of series on his YouTube Channel:

Mapmaker023's The Alternate Future of Europe:'s_The_Alternate_Future_of_Europe

The Alternate History of Germany:

(page will be made)

Alternate Simulator:

The Not-So-Serious Future of Mapperdonia:

(page will be made)

Fun Facts

  1. This is his favorite troll song:
  2. He has 2 brothers.
  3. He has a pet dove named Murian, who is on Belfrug's flag.
  4. MapBro and BananaMas are his brother's
  5. Mapmaker's average length of a the Alternate Future of Europe (Mapmaker023) is 3 minutes 37 seconds.
  6. Mapmaker023's account is disabled, so he currently uses Mapmaker024, so they are the same person
  7. Mapmaker is the creator of Ze Flags, a series where countries are their flags and they have limbs, eyes, and mouths. (although he only uses it)
  8. Current Amount of Subscribers: 275 ~


"Add Belfrug"

"Moar Soap, Moar!"



"Oh hai there."



These emotes were made by Peziminer12.

MaptangleSOAP Maptangle

MapmakerAngry Mapmaker Angry

MapmakerNotAmused Mapmaker Not Amused

MapmakerNormal Mapmaker Normal

MapmakerWink Mapmaker Wink

MapmakerExcited Mapmaker Excited

MapmakerHappy Mapmaker Happy

Appearances in Series

Although Belfrug has appearend in countless series, Mapmaker himself has not appeared in a series as a countryball or a nation except for one series from fascist7 ukrainian Mapper Wars by It's Excellent.

Episode 1

Parkerinia does not appear nor is mentioned.

Episode 2

In the Year 51, the Phillipines (Phillip Mapping) disberses into many nations, including Parkerinia (Me). After it's formation not much happened after that.

Episode 3

Literally nothing happens to Parkerinia other than the name becomes bigger.

Episode 4

For half of the episode, Parkerinia is silent until Year 164, when Mikia (MikiPL004) is attacked by rebels, Parkerinia and it's allies threaten to attack Mikia if he attacks the rebels, so Mikia follows their terms. The Pro-Parkerinia rebels join with Parkerinia and Parkerinia gets some of Eastern Germany and the Danish Islands. Parkerinia then renames into Parkerdania. After that Parkerdania goes silent again.

Episode 5

Episode 5 was deleted by it's excellent but the only things that happened was Parkerdania won some wars and had to give up some land to a rebellion called Veclubelinia.

Episode 6

As Communists (and Nationalists) get more powerful, Parkerdania joins an alliance that is Anti-communist. Tensions rise and a war between the three major alliances breaks out. Unfortunately, the Anti-Communists lose and Parkerdania loses Denmark, North Germany, and East Germany to Mikia. Parkerdania only has West Germany and some other peices of land left.

Episode 7

Not much happens to Parkerdania until the middle, when Parkerdania supports Veclubelinia in a revolution against Mikia. They win, but Parkerdania gets barely any land as Veclubelinia takes most of it. But then Parkerdania conveniences Veclubelinia to give them Denmark, and Veclubelinia promises that it's people will remember that Parkerdania helped them get independence. For the rest of the episode Parkerdania is silent.

Episode 8

Parkerdania decides to kick off the episode by betraying Veclubelinia and attempting to take them over. Parkerdania then gets most of the land they originally had in Episode 2 back. Parkerdania says they'll finish off Veclubelinia, as they spared her for now. For a while, Parkerdania doesn't say anything until a rebellion occurs in Boundiosodia. Boundiosodia tries to stop the rebellion, but Parkerdania declares war on them. A bunch of countries join in, but Parkerdania is able to hold them off thanks to the help of Flutterzancia. They gain some land in Boundiosodia but lose some land to Dutchmenia. Parkerdania takes the chance to finish off Veclubelinia, and he does so. He gains all of Poland, making him a large and powerful country in Europe. Feeling threatend by Parkerdania's power, Ridillinia joins Dutchmenia, Drexia (Drexmapper), and Boundiosodia's alliance. They call it the Esperanto Union and Emartiland (it's excellent) joins it too. The Esperanto Union is obviously Anti-Parkerdania, so Parkerdania feels threatened. However, they don't do anything about it.

Episode 9

The episode starts off with Emartiland starting a conquest (foreshadowing events to come) and many nations have pro-Emartiland rebels. Parkerdania gets rebels too, in Denmark. Parkerdania gives Noahland (the rebellion) independence, and they think it's all good. Except Parkerdania gets rebels in Poland, and Parkerdania is obiously not happy, as it is losing the land it conquered fair and square. Parkerdania surrenders and gives independence to Nova Mikia and Krizilania. However, they still have East Germany. And so, for the rest of the episode, nnothing goes on in Parkerdania.

Episode 10

All is peaceful in Parkerdania, until Emartiland goes on a conquest once again. Demodistan (Demod) has rebels, and Parkerdania than decides to asisst them, immediately after their choice getting attacked by Emartiland and Mindria. They don't surrender, and are obliterated, ending Parkerdania's era. Northern Parkerdania is give to Mindria while everything else is given to Emartiland. Eventually Emariland conquers everything in Europe. For over 100 years, Emartiland rules Europe. Emartiland is then attacked rebels, and Emartiland falls, collapsing everything. The series then ends there.
Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.23.21 AM

Void helps Mapmaker with a picture.

Mapperball Animations

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.23.50 AM

The picture itself, with Mapmaker holding the Hammer of Belfrug

The story is that Corrosive lost all his nations in Mapperdonia, and needs to find them. However, he needs the help of mappers to find all of them. Mapmakerball does not appear for a while in the series until Corrosive has signups to have Mapperballs in his intro he will play at the beginning. That is when Mapmakerball first appears.


Basically, it retells the story said above, then at the end it shows all the mappers. Mapmakerball is at the end of the left side. He is small and is cut off a bit

Episodes 1 - 4

Mapmaker is not seen nor spoken of, and the story plays out

Episode 5

Void is upset that the Mapperdonian community is not helping him, and is pissed that he did not catch one of his nations. He mentions things he had to do first. Mapmaker for some unexplained reason needs a picture taken, so Void helps him. Mapmaker during his appearance says nothing, which may mean it's possible that Mapmaker may be mute. No personality has been given to Mapmaker, which may mean that Mapmaker will only make cameos and is a bland character. This is speculation and has not been confirmed, and will probably be revealed in future episodes.

Episode 6

Mapmaker is not seen nor mentioned in the entire episode. Probably because he is asleep at the time the story was at.


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 9.29.14 AM



The rating system is based off of my experience with you. Usually if you have 5 or higher, I consider you as a friend, and if you have lower, I am nuetral towards you or I just don't like you.

  • 10 - Best Friends
  • 9 - Friends
  • 8 - Pals
  • 7 - Likeable
  • 6 - Okay

    Just A Nice Thing for Corrosive.

  • 5 - Meh
  • 4 - Neutral
  • 3 - Dislike
  • 2 - Despise
  • 1 - Hate
  • 0 - Enemy


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