Mapper Freaker

Hi! My name is Mapper Freaker, and I'm a 19 years old boy from Finland (and because seems like everybody doesn't know, I was born in Latvia, so I have two nationality.) And as my name says, I'm a mapper. I were inspired by MrOwnerandPwnerDisturbedfan1100 and Goldenrebel25 and I consider the last listed as my tutor. And if you want to see my Youtube channel, or my videos, please click this here.That blue word. press it... I said press it FFS.


i of old living :D


Mapper Freaker

if you aren't listed, that means I haven't talked with you, or you are neutral to me. Relations are between 200 and -200.

I'll start to börk to do my relations from beginning, because swedish .-. (that swedish is inside joke)


Seems like he always forget me - 5

Okay leader + 15

likes ponies -10

Relations: 0 Okay guy.


Really cool guy + 40

Kind of helped me in beginning + 10

Relations: 50 Awesome dude.


Finnish +100

Really serious + 10

Likes anime +30

Usually forgets things -5

Relations: 135 Mahtava jätkä, nuff said.


My old friend + 30

Has awesome mapping technique + 20

Don't know if he remember me - 10

Likes anime + 30

Relations: 70 Awesome dude is awesome.


Pure awesomeness + 200

Has good amount of humor and seriousness + 20

My best friend in wikia + 50

Super friendly + 30

My archenemy in subs + 0

Relations: 300 This guy, he is pure awesomeness.


Really serious + 10

Likes anime + 30

Friendly + 30

Don't know anything else about him - 5

Relations: 65 would like to get knowing better.


Super friendly + 50

Russian, but can into Finnish language + 25

Was biggest before MOAP + 15

Relations: 90 Baka Loli Girl.


never had change to speak with him -10

Awesome mapper + 40

too much hype -5

Relations: 25 too big.

Please say in comments if ya want to here, i will add you.


ookay, i will tell some facts about me, just because i want... and it is surprisingly hard..

okay, so... firstly i will tell some interesting facts about me. I'm president of mine city's Youth Council (sixth year part of youth council), as well as part of mine city's education board.

aaand that is all interesting facts about me. well, i like to watch anime (there is something wrong in that sentence), I enjoy good music (mainly nightcore, trance and metal tho), I play lot of games, usually with 3ds) and that kind of life.


Youtube: MapperFreaker

Warlight: Kitsune

those are some of my links, but i mostly use those sites in web


I have five nations, that i consider to my official nations. While only one of them is my Official Nation, i also have these four others, that are important to me.

1. Ronschdilatia

2. Lopuster Empire

3. Netrefas

4. Lertinia

5. Sådergstainlich