Here you will find the Tenses of Mapping. If you use the 3 tenses, past, present and future, you are either: Level 6 (Been a mapper for under 5 months) Grade B (Been a mapper for at least 5 months). Here are all the tenses explained:

Perfect Tense
The Past Tense used to say what "has/have" happened in the series.

Imperfect Tense
The Past Tense in which events which used to happen in history.

Present Tense
Whether it's a Past or a Future Series e.g. future of Europe. If you end a history series or begin a future series in the 21st Century so 2000 - 2099, that is Present Tense.

Future Tense
If you do a future series e.g. future of Europe. That counts as the future tense and is considered the 3rd tense to learn.

Pluperfect Tense
A Past Tense in which events which had happened.

Plufuture Tense
A Future tense in which events which will happen.

Conditional Tense
A Tense in which an event which WOULD happen.

Additional Tense
A Tense in which the same thing happens in more than 1 place, continent or planet. E.g. A World War happened in more than 1 continent.

Traditional Tense
Use more a different mapping dialect for different Tenses. This is considered a Mapping Dialect Tense, called the Traditional Tense.

Subjunctive Mood
Used to show ideas and fantasies of different nations; such as goals, wishes, desires and wants. For example; England's goal is to unite Britain; Russia's goal is to unite USSR.

Help and Tips: The different Tenses may be confusing so I'll summaries them. Perfect - Events which have happened. Imperfect - Events which used to happen. Pluperfect - Events which had happened. Present - What happening Now Future - What will happen Plufuture - What shall happen Conditional - What would happen

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