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I made this for fun.

Or just measure using the leader board


Mappers on the wiki are ranked on these things:

  1. Views divided by Subscribers (V/S). Lower is better.
  2. Contributions to the Wiki (C).
  3. Prestige (P). (Reputation based.)
  4. Strength (S). Coming soon.

Prestige is calculated based on things like Opinions, helpfulness, Wars, Friends, etc.

This is unbiased, by the way.

Final ranks are based on how many categories you are first, second, third, etc. in. For example, if a mapper has the lowest V/S, and the highest C and P, you're the top of the list. And for those who have the highest V/S, and the least C and P, you're at the bottom.

Do NOT edit this just to improve your contribution rank, first, edit something else, and then add two contribution points onto this page. You cannot give yourself Prestige, either. To make you V/S count, you need more than 100 subscribers.


  1. Frfkgbjnjkbfdfdgbngf - 172 V/S, 1136 C, 10 P
  2. MrOwnerandPwner - 251 V/S, 401 C, 50 P
  3. 99Batran - 437 V/S, 238 C, 150 P
  4. DisturbedFan1100 - 375 V/S, 24 C, 30 P
  5. Petribass - n/a V/S, 32 C, 10 P
  6. TheJarJar99 - 796 V/S, 11 C, 65 P
  7. Hardkor55 1766 V/S, 6 C, 10 P
  8. TikoliaFan - n/a V/S, 10 C, 10 P 
  9. GhonaSifilaids - n/a V/S, 5 C, 10 P
  10. HistoryMapper - n/a V/S, 4 C, 10 P

Feel free to add yourself if you're not there, and tweak anything that's wrong (Don't make yourself better without using a proper method.). Enjoy!