This will show all the parties of Mapperdonia for elections. (Put your party in too)


  1.  A Party must select 2 Candidates for admin status or else they can't participate. Independent Parties (Meaning Not an official Party but linked Candidates of Neutral Parties, basically 2 allied people decides to run) Candidates are allowed
  2. At least 2 Parties present to run the election, if not, then the first party automatically wins. Exceptions not included.
  3. No Polls
  4. An Election can't start without at least 1 party present, organized, and confirmed.
  5. Elections starts every August 20th to August 23rd (I put this at a later date to buy Parties more time to organize)


  • Pacifist-Conservative Party
    • Chosen Candidates: Mapmaker023 and Happydance9
  • Socialist Party
    • Zukas and Drex
  • Capitalist-Socialist Party
    • ??? and ???
  • Scravistic Sarvartan Party
    • Chosen Candidates: EthanConquistador and ??
  • Commi-Capitsalist Mapperdonian Party
    • Chosen Candidates:Philipp Mapping and Sarah       

Mapperdonia 2014 Election

Major Candidates (Most Likey To Be In Election, Also Has 2 Candidates)

  • Mapmaker023 and Happydance9 (Pacifist-Conservative Party)
  • Zukastravius and Drexmapper (Socialist Party)
  • Phillipp Mapping and Sarah Mapping (Commi-Capitalist Mapperdonian Party)

Minor Candidates (Unlikely But Possible To Be In Election, Less Than 2 Candidates):

  • Yigit and ??? (??? Party)
  • ??? And ??? (Capitalist-Socialist Party)
  • EthanConquisator and ??? (Scravistic Sarvartan Party)

Winners of the Election 

There will be top 2 Winners for Admin status in the wiki

  • 2014: (None)
  • 2015: (None)
  • etc.

Mapperdonian Leaders

This is somewhat off topic. For fun, added real life parties.

  • MervueMeringue (Scottish Green? Party) : 2008-2012
  • 99batran (Republican Party): 2012-Present
  • (Heir) MrOwnerAndPwner (Liberal? Party): about Early or Mid 2020s
  • (Possible, Next in Line) EthanConquistador (None? Party): About Late 2020s