The Mapperdonia Week is a holiday that celebrates our mapping community. Every year, most Mappers enjoy events for Mapperdonia Week, but a few Mappers, such as TheLolistan, don't care.

Events in the Week

(Unofficial) July 6th (Mapper's Eve)

July 7 (Prototype Day) (where mervuemeringue created his prototypes in 2008)

July 8 (Series day) (Where mervuemeringue submitted most of his mapping videos in 2010)

July 9 (99batran's b-day) (somewhat unimportant, 99batran's b-day is the only notable event)

July 10-12 (Transition/Middle days) (Unknown, possibly days used to play community events/video games as celebration) (Also we could fill these in important events for the future if possible)

July 13 (Second Prototype day) (Where 99Batran created a prototype for his mapping series in 2012)

July 14 (Legacy day) (Where partying is died down, we can use this to remember the achievements and create art/songs/literature on this day to celebrate. it is recommended if we don't do July 6)

Source: 99Batran's Blog

List of Mapperdonian Weeks

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