Here you can find some World Records for us Mappers and maybe who won them:

1) Longest Comment - By Java Sea

2) Most Subscribers - By Νick HD

3) Biggest Comment Combo - By MikiPL004

4) Most contributions - By EthanKoenigsberg

5) Fastest time onto the Leaderboard: By Pez                  

6) Largest Quote Chain: Started by Ceplio

7) Comment with the most replies - By MansurNejem96

8) Longest edit-every-day streak - By Monsoonjr99

Other Records

Blog Posts with the Most Comments

Rank Name of Blog User Number of Comments Time as #1 (If #1)
1 Winter 2015 Polls Batran99 240 Early December 2015 - Present
2 Homophobia in the community. EvergreenMapping 236 Late August 2015 - Early December 2015
3 The New Arab Alliance Usman Mustafa Saleh 169 Late June 2014 - Late August 2015
4 Do an impression, my opinion of, your opinion of me, etc. Asdf Mapping 142
5 9/11 Never Forget. KingNick IV 134
6 Fall 2015 Admins/chatmods Batran99 130
7 REMOVE MIND FROM ADMIN! (Deleted by Mind) Monsoonjr99 130

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