Mapperdonian Mythology is inspired mainly off of Greek/Roman Mythology. Just for fun and to teach lessons for future generations of mappers. Yes they are real people, most of their stories are real, each story desires sympathy from their descendants.

According to Mapperdonian Mythology, the God, MervueMeringue. Had 10 Sons, who influenced and helped each other, and who their descendants slowly loses their gifts from their ancestors but they would instead grow from knowledge.

The Creator

The, who is a God, created the titans. and set up an unfinished legend for those after him to complete


Titans are the Next 10 Mappers who crafted it all.

Demigods (or Royads (Immortal Royals) ) 

the last 5 are descendant of Titan and God. Those who will help finalize the future of Mapping Generations. They are also called "Guides"


Anti-Titans were creatures or humans that were either revolted or simply made of pure evil or else. Most of them are goners.

  • Triainian Hydra
  • Batikan
  • Arcy of The Non-Mappers (More evil than anyone of this wiki) (Ruler of the anti titans)
  • Sunburn (Originally a hero, revolted against the Titans and then died.)
  • Jabril's Arab Army (A foreign Mapper army invaded the Mapper's mainland. most of the Mapperdonian States at the time united against them) (Mapperdonian version of Greco-Persian Wars) 
  • Lithuania12 
  • Ferd the spammer (a.k.a Ferd the turd) 
  • The Army of Motjeblur (Unknown for the whole three years, RODEBLUR had amassed a huge army had started attacking Mapperdonia repeatedly in raids and sieges)
  • 'The enemy who's name shall not be revealed...' (The strongest opponent the Titans have faced)


These heroes are mortal descendants of the Titans and Royads, but they strong and powerful.

  • Zephyrus
  • Mind
  • Miki
  • MapperFreaker
  • Percy
  • Multi
  • Starring
  • Pezminer
  • CorrosiveViper
  • TheOneLeggedFascist (TOLF) [Fallen in 2016]


These mortals are just regular but can bring assistance to the Heroes.

  • Mapmaker
  • MrAmericanMapper
  • Olimario

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