MervueMeringueism (Orthodox, somewhat Pro-Traditionalists)

− God: MervueMeringue (Mathew Nicolson) the Happy Slappy Grand Pappy − (Add Here) − − Most members of this type of division tend to use German-like grammar/words. − − See MervueMeringueism

  • Zukas

  • Zephyrus

  • Demod

  • Ethan

  • Batran


  • TheJarJar99


  • Mind


  • Starring


  • Lisastr67


  • Michigan

  • Brad


  • Asdf Mapping


  • Mexicoball


  • Ironhand21


  • Flaming Ninja Mapping


  • Neonia Mapping


  • RazvyDaGuy


The belief that Sparkly Venice is the sparkliest god evar.

  • Sparkly Venice
  • Mexicoball

Jabrilism (Catholic, Pro-Culturalists)

− God: Jabril the Holy N*pple − − A note to this is that Jabrilist tend to use Jabrilian Language and Grammar. − − − − Members: −

  • Goldenrebel25

  • Zephyrus again

  • Claus

- TheCreator901

  • ASDFianity

God: MervueMeringue; Angel of God: MOAP; Prophet of God: Asdf Mapping. Members of this division tend to be extremely devout and use phrases like "HAIL PROPHET ASDF". They have no leader officially but see Asdf Mapping as their spiritual leader as he received a response from MervueMeringue on a message once. MOAP is also worshipped as the Angel of the Mervue God and wherever he is seen, that page will be very popular. They are also very active in converting others to their religion.


  • TL Mapping
  • Mexicoball


Moapbigism (Protestant, Pro-Expansion)

− God: MOAP the Big − (Add here) − − Members of this type of division tend to use phrases "MOAP BIG". Also use German-like grammar/words. So far, supporters of this regularly use Capslock to signify their "Bigness." They are led by a POAP (Person of Amazing Power), who happens to be MOAP (until he delegates his mighty power to someone he could call POAP) − Main page: MOAPism − Members: −

  • MOAP

  • Michigan again

  • TL Mapping again

  • Zephyrus, yeah he's here too



  • Monsoonjr99


  • Burai


  • Asdf Mapping


  • Mexicoball


the believe the duck is the holy animal and should be extolled. It is the superior species. itss leader is either Generic, tomato soup, or the alpha duck. Followers:

  • GenericAP
  • Mexicoball

IDon'tCareism (Rastafarian, Pro-I-Don't-Care)

− − Followers of this religion tend to not care. − − Members: −

  • Thumboy

  • Zephyrus (because he can)
  • CorrosiveDragon
  • Asdf Mapping (Why am I almost every religion? I just Don't Care.)
  • Mexicoball
  • Neonia Mapping
  • TheCreator901


Followers recognize Mervue as the creator of mapping who disappered and out of the darkness appeared the one known as MOAP. They hate Mervue for abandoning them without reason and find happiness in the presence of their new leader MOAP.


  • JayLastname
  • Mexicoball





− Followers do not believe in the following above and have a different religion. Example: Muslim, Protestant, Islam, Buddhist, Catholic, etc. − − Members: −

  • Mapmaker023
  • TheCreator901
  • Olimario948
  • Zephyrus (derp)
  • Drex
  • Java Sea
  • Ethan (was Siezonist now converted to Mervueism)
  • Asdf Mapping (This is pretty much the same thing as Mapping Atheism)
  • João "like rio" Dinis (Catholic, but I will create other religion)
  • Mexicoball
  • Neonia Mapping


  • SunnyKhan688 (HE WAS NUMBER ONE!)
  • GreenDayBoyNo01 (HE CREATED ALL STANS!)
  • Rongong123
  • Monsoon (formerly)
  • Mexicoball

Mapping Atheism

Mervuemeringue is not a god, neither Jabril nor MOaP. Mervue is the creator of an animation genre and inspiration for many people who followed his example. Nothing more nothing less. MOaP is the most famous mapper, but remains a mapper. Jabril is just a mapper, too. This movement believes that all mappers are equal in real life according to human rights and in the wiki as forum members. No one is above someone else, except of subs and views. All members of mapping atheism can follow their real religion (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Shikh, Buddhism, etc...).





Mapmaker023 (Because it is identical to "Other")                

Olimario948 (Same as Mapmaker)


MrAmericanMapper- (I respect them, but they are not gods)  

SunnyKhan688 (I'm the master of the universe) (now Wazierist)

ImperialMapping (Why is this so in depth?)

GrandChewbacca (Mapping Atheist, Actual Atheist, and don't be a jerk about it.)

PhoenixDood (I created the Universe,duh)

Asdf Mapping (MEOW)


Neonia mapping

NTR (Atheist in real life)

Evergreen (IRL Jew, but I respect no forms of idolatry over der interwebs)


There are actually no gods,there is creator(Mervue) and mappers are ranked by quality of videos,ideas,creativity etc.

  • Roman Kurgan
  • Mexicoball


The republic of Saugeais Created all countries and was the birthplace of Civilisation.

  • Saugeais Republic
  • Mexicoball


Divine Donut Stronk. HappynHungry Stronk. Banana Cream Princes taste good.

  • HappynHungry
  • Meixcoball


Mexicoball is the god. Tonut Is a popular food here.

  • Mexicoball


Believes in a Democratic Mapperdonia, without prases like MOAP Big or Mervue God and a community who isn't ruled by the founder and the admins. dafuq


  • Winston Mapper


Believes that potatoes are the most legendary vegetable.


  • NTR
  • IonMapping
  • NanoByte360
  • TheCreator901
  • TBSoM (Lutheran IRL)


The best religi0n because M0AP subbed JMathias.




Shia LaBeouf is hail.


  • Ceplio


Neosaltism (Mix of Mormon and Norse)

The current Neosaltin is King Perry St.John IV.Holy City of Neosaltism is Perryitrograd, Perrystoni. There are 5 major gods.

• God of Power(The King of Gods)- Sämmilæn

•God of Air- Wescæk

• God of Land & Sea- Lündsien

• God of Life- Leishēø

• God of Death & War- Dëlichvawr


List of followers:

  • Perrydoesmapping


EmperorTigerstar is God. MervueMeringue is Satan and MOaP is Satan's son.

Konijnism (Southern Baptist, Anti-Tigerstarian)

MervueMeringue is Satan and MOaP is Satan's son. Tigerstar however, is despised. Konijn himself is a crazy individual who falsely accuses Tigerstar of wrong doing despite it being largely Konijn's own fault.

Geogradism (Skepticism)

MervueMeringue is Satan, MOaP is Satan, and Konijn is Satan. Geogradists are required to name their first born male 'Matt'. All Geogradist Preists must pray to Geograd every saturday by saying 'IM A SKEPTIC' loudly.

  • GeogradTV


In Mapperdonia there's no gods. Everyone is responsible for themselves and tolerant to each other.

  • GMapping

Jakism (Allahu Akbarism)

Jake is All Mighty God. You Pray to him 9000 Times a Day and are Required by laws to Smoke Heroin at least 5 years of Weed every day. The Evil Penguin is the Ultimate Evil and you either go to Antarctica or Brazil. You will name your Children all Jake. JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE JAKE is Awesome is A must Say.


Nick HD Mapping is god. Every blog or comment must end with "Praise lord Nick"...

  • XO Mapping

praise lord nick


all hail mat hes the god of this universe.

Hotline Blingism

The belief that Drake is the God of the universe and he is the saviour of us all. Followers must pray to Lord Drake by singing "Hotline Bling" exactly 21 times a day. They must also permanently wear an owl hoodie and walk and dance like Lord Drake does.

Page revivalism

This religion will revive every fucking page for no reason.





  • eridan