Treaty of Mapperdonia.



  • The factions shall be united, no objections. Including Dominions.
  • The existing factions at the time will become Gaming Clans (used in tournaments and competition), Political parties, and possibly military divisions for the wiki.
  • Any INTERNAL wars in the future shall be fought on games. Not on the wiki.
  • Present faction leaders shall become moderators. And could be elected within' their political parties
  • there shall be one and only one wiki, to avoid any eventual large conflicts.
  • If we are at war, we are at war with another group, not with us.


Requires Majority of the wiki or all faction leader's signatures

  • 99batran
  • Goldenrebel25
  • Mind
  • ZukasMapping
  • Thumboy
  • Percy
  • GanDaiMe11
  • TheLoliStan
  • Inf4m0usDerphog
  • MrOwnerandPwner
  • EthanConquistador
  • Mapmaker023