Mapperdonian (Mapperdonian: Katterdonia. kutt-er-donia the word "Katterdonia" derives from the German word Karte, meaning map.) is the primary and currently only language in the Mapperdonic language family. Mapperdonian vocabulary comes mainly from Germanic languages (Especially from German) and some Latin languages, but not much. 2 words that are in the definition are counted as 1 word, for example: Guten Nuit counts as 1 word even if in English there are 2.



  • Hello - Hallo (Ha-lo)
  • Good Morning - Guten Matin (Gu-tten Maa-tin)
  • Good Afternoon - Guten Après-midi (Gu-tten Ap-reis-midi)
  • Good Evening - Guten Soir (Gu-tten Soir)
  • Good Night - Guten Nuit (Gu-tten Nuit)
  • Hey - Hay (Jai)
  • Sir - Monsieur (Moun-seur)
  • Madam - Madame (Me-deim)
  • Welcome back - Welkom Back (Weil-kom back)
  • Whats up - Que Paseu (Khe Pa-zeu)

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