Mappers by Steam is a comparison and list of Mappers by their Steam accounts. If you want to be added, or you know someone that has a Steam account, please request in the comments below, or add yourself/add someone else that you know with a Steam account.

Mapper's name Steam name
starring94 (StarDoesMapping) starring94
Zephyrus (Zephyrus Mapping) Zephyrus
RODEBLUR (Motjeblur Mapping) RODEBLUR
Avajatar Avajatar
Demod Demod [IA]
Ethan ethankonquistador
Goldenrebel25 and TheOneLeggedFascist (Shared account) GR25/TOLF
TheGreenGuyMapping TheGreenGuy
Mapper Freaker Freaker-san
Yoshifan Yo5hifan
99batran batran99 (or Batboy1999)
SwissEmpire (Kavishan Mapping) SignalX
Diamondist Diamondist02
MikiPL004 swietymiki
Craft0Video Craft0Video
SunnyKhan688 SunnyKhan688
HappynHungry HappynHungry
MrTaylordw Mapper Jacky Joshy
Eric4e Eric4e
PillowMapping legomario12
Peterpoe111 peterpoe111
0EridanAmpora0 caligulasAquarium
Aussie Mapper Vladmir Putin
Giratina720 Tur


NihilusMapping ☭ НихилусМаппинг ☭
Ceplio ceplio_is_better_than_tgd_xd
XO Mapping knightfighteriii

Siberian Mapper/Soviet Siberian

☭ Wanksteiner

Perrydoesmapping(Countryboy Mapper) Lucarioite
Polandballfan megamod334





Evergreen Mapper General Evergreen
Monsoonjr99 Monsoonjr99
RazvyDaGuy RazvyDaGuy
Schlesien Mapping Dwunastek

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