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Mappers in the Wild 38

Mappers in the Wild 38 logo. Made by GreaterVenezuela
Started September 26th, 2017
Ended October 18th, 2017
Active Days 20
Thread "MITW 38" on Starring94's wall
Previous map game Mappers in the Wild 37
Next map game Mappers in the Wild 39
Creator Starring94

Mappers in the Wild 38 (or MITW38, Mappers in the Wild XXXVIII (MITW XXXVIII)) was the 34th (not 38th, due to several failed games) game in the Mappers in the Wild series. It was started by Starring94 three days after MITW 37 died due to a lack of interest for the game. It is the second Mappers in the Wild game since MITW 3 to officially use an Arabic numeral rather than a Roman numeral; continuing the change from MITW 37. The theme changed back to pure technology, but with a twist of stronger building level.


  • Starring94
    • Oyalqa Empire
  • GreaterVenezuela
    • Vaenezuela
  • Monsoonjr99
    • Yelfiid
  • Micro Oxonic
    • Brookvale
  • EthanKoenigsberg
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