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Mappers in the Wild 41

Mappers in the Wild 41 logo. Made by Pezminer12
Started January 13th, 2018
Ended ongoing
Active Days 42 (so far, as of 02/23/2018)
Thread "I'M SUPER SAIYAN" on Minnesotan Mapping's wall & "MITW 41's Second Thread" on Minnesotan Mapping's wall & "LIL B IS THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE" on Davi Santus's wall
Previous map game Mappers in the Wild 40: Back in Time
Next map game Mappers in the Wild 42 (future map game)
Creator Mikoyanshik

Mappers in the Wild 41 (or MITW41, Mappers in the Wild XLI (MITW XLI)) is the 37th (not 41st, due to several failed games) and current game in the Mappers in the Wild series. It was started by Mikoyanshik a week after MITW 40 had went inactive.


  • Mikoyanshik
    • The Super Saiyan Republic
  • AenMaps
    • The Five Kingdoms
  • Minnesotan Mapping
    • Theodore Republic
    • Taftia/Taft Empire
    • Woodrow Wilsonreich
  • Micro Oxonic
    • Idon'tfuckingknowlands
  • LukaGaming
    • Tapperhet
  • RazvyDaGuy
    • The First Order
  • Davi Santus
    • The Union of Social-Capitalist Hue Republics
    • The Union of Stalinist Anarcho-Capitalists Hue Ditactorships
  • Turkic Evuntia
    • The Communist Union of Francoisa
    • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
  • TenaciousMapping
    • Sea Kingdom
  • Sidewinder291102
    • Japanime Shogunate
  • Fyorrian Mapping
    • The Jake Paul Kingdom
    • Ugandan Knuckles
  • PlantStarAlpineer0
    • Sylvatia
    • Sylvatian Ajrona
  • Monsoonjr99
    • Velevian Federation
  • Vlad's New Account
    • Libertarian Oasis




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