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Mappers in the Wild 43

MITW 43 Logo
Mappers in the Wild 43 logo. Made by PlantStarAlpineer0
Started August 12th, 2018
Ended August 19th, 2018
Active Days 8
Thread "MitW 43" on VladsNewAccount's wall
Previous map game Mappers in the Wild 42
Next map game Mappers in the Wild 44
Creator Vlad Nykytyuk (VladsNewAccount)

Mappers in the Wild 43 (or MITW43, Mappers in the Wild XLIII (MITW XLIII)) is the 39th (not 43rd, due to several failed games) game in the Mappers in the Wild series. It was started by VladsNewAccount almost 3 months after MITW 42 had went inactive, finally ending one of the longest pauses in the MITW series' history. It has a little more structure to it than a typical MITW game, having a set group of races, technological time periods from the beginning of the game, forms of government and points system.

On August 19, 2018, Vlad closed the thread because "the mechanics aren't well-minded, because I don't know how to make a proper era mechanic."


  • VladsNewAccount
    • Philaxia
  • Jakod
    • Kir Kingdom
  • PlantStarAlpineer0
    • Waqayni
  • Priceless008
    • Untotensvania
  • Simplenoise8
    • Qathaydan
  • Davi Santus
    • Beezlezub
  • Fred Leon
    • Soos




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