This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Mappers in the Wild 45

MITW 45 Logo
Mappers in the Wild 45 logo. Made by Sidewinder291102
Started September 29th, 2018
Ended October 31st, 2018
Active Days 32
Thread "Spooky Mappers in the Spooky Wild (aka. MITW 45)" on VladsNewAccount's wall & "MITW 45 Thread 2" on Micro Oxonic's wall
Previous map game Mappers in the Wild 44
Next map game Mappers in the Wild 46 (future map game)
Creator Vlad Nykytyuk (VladsNewAccount)

Mappers in the Wild 45 (or MITW 45, Mappers in the Wild XLV, MITW XLV) is the 41st (not 45th, due to several failed games) and current game in the Mappers in the Wild series. The game was started by Vlad after about more than a month Mappers in the Wild 44 closed. On the 31st of October MITW 45 was put to an end by Vlad with all forces of evil disappear. 


  • Vlad Nykytyuk
    • Bonelands
  • Micro Oxonic
    • Pumpkia
      • Pumpkin Republic of Sozcial
  • Sidewinder
    • Eldritchon
      • Hybernia
  • Dwunastek
    • Scarecrowia
      • Humlands
      • Republic of Boocla
  • Luka
    • Kokytos
  • Davi Santus
    • Spookyscaryskeletonia (SSS)
  • Hoods (Inactive)
    • Catical
  • Razvy
    • Fidesz Republic of Hungayry
  • Wadskung
    • Sapia
  • TwelvedArmedMonster (SixLeggedBehemoth)
    • Bedsheet Ghost Federation
  • Simplenoise8 (Quit)
    • Therianmark ➝ Ceased into Bonelands
  • UKballProductions (Quit)
    • Spooktopia ➝ Ceased into Bonelands
  • Turkic Evuntia  (Quit)
    • Southern Socialist Union (SSU) ➝ Eastern half Ceased into Pumpkia, Western half collapsed, Dragonsea formed
      • Tepeş ➝ Became independent NPC nation
      • Isle of Venom ➝ Became independent NPC nation
  • NPC Nations
    • Unitary Republic of Dragonseas
    • Tepesza Kingdom
    • Synarchist Wynomcrmy
    • Crazy Ukrainian Kid Federation (CUK Federation)




  • V28 is a disease which is an evolved version of the special acid in the Poisonous Sea.
  • Anti-Skeletal Plague is a Disease that makes the skeletons have lethal osteoporosis and break their bones


  • War Against Humans within the Creature Side. (Kokytos, Eldritchon, Scarcrowia, Pumpkia v Sapia)
  • Crazy Ukrainian Kid Rebellion (CUK, (Spookyscary Skeletonia?) v Hungayry)

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