Mappervision Song Contest XXII
Make Mappervision Great Again!
Confirming date 05/29/2017
Voting starting date 06/08/2017 15:00 GMT
Voting ending date 06/29/2017 00:00 GMT
Venue ATCC Arena, Tunis, Qysid FlagOfQysid
Presenter(s) Farajallah Rehman

Malak Hussain

Host broadcaster TVQ, Qysid FlagOfQysid
Opening act Francesco Gabbani - Occidentali's Karma
Interval act Francesco Gabbani - Amen
Number of entries TBA
Voting system Each nation awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Mappervision Song Contest

The Mappervision Song Contest XXII was the twenty-second annual edition of the Mappervision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia.

It takes place in Qysid following the nation's victory at the April 2017 edition with Francesco Gabbani performing Occidentali's Karma. This is second time Qysid hosts the Mappervision Song Contest.

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  • You can't use a song that has been used in previous editions (List of used songs)
  • You can't leave this edition after voting begins
  • You need to vote, otherwise you'll get banned for one edition


ATCC Arena

Three venues sent a bid for hosting the contest. And these venues were Madiq Arena in Yichirka, ATCC Arena in Tunis and Huotsh Arena in Benghazi.

The national broadcaster of Qysid, TVQ, announced that ATCC Arena in Tunis would be the host venue for the 22nd Mappervision Song Contest.

Capacity of ATCC Arena is 70,000.

Key   dagger   Host venue

City Venue Capacity Notes
Yichirka Madiq Arena 45,000 Hosted Mappervision Song Contest XII,

hosted National Final.

Tunis dagger ATCC 70,000 Stadium with roof added.
Benghazi Huotsh Arena 30,000

Participants (43)

Nation Artist Song Link
FlagOfQysid Qysid (Host) Gorrilaz On Melancholy Hill link
Great inca flag 1 Great Inca Imagine Dragons Thunder link
MonteregisFlag Monteregis Timbaland ft. OneRepublic Apologize link
New flag for Arkmarken Arkmarken Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson Symphony link
Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops link
Ulaidh flag Ulaidh Kygo ft. Ellie Goulding First Time link
Savonia Savonia Kerli Spirit Animal link
Western Flag by CJets Western Republic Alan Walker ft. Gavin James Tired link
Bang Ostmarken Yasmo Kein Platz Für Zweifel link
Vedenaflag5-0 Kysia George Miller The Prophecy link
Brabrantium Grunge Flag Brabrantium Skip Marley Lions link
Pennsyljersawareflag Pennsyljersaware Bullet For My Valentine Riot link
Flag of Caribbean Federation Caribbean Federation AJR Weak link
Flag of Swedish Canada Swedish Canada Nano Hold On link
KLflag Kurwalands Softengine The Sirens link
Gggrd Romanian Empire i-La Hungry link
Katkaris Alternate Flag by Mazovian Katkaris Little Mix ft. Stormzy Power link
Türk Hanlığı Anatolia Skrillex Purple Lamborghini link
Socialist Bereber Republic Socialist Berber Republic Mr.Probz ft. Robin Schulz Waves link
Ronsch Ronschdilatia MIKA Relax, Take It Easy link
Тристарния Thristarnia Future Mask Off link
Szabilonia2.0 Szabilon Anton Moment Of Silence link
Scotland-IrelandMSC Flag Scotland-Ireland Jana Burčeska Dance Alone link
ABSAGermany ABSA Germany Elias Naslin feat Ms K La La (Singin' Like) link
Flag of Smernica 2016 Smernica Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen Good Time link
Flag of Avelly Avelly Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato No Promises link
Oreclnia Flag Orecolnia PSY Gangnam Style link
Harinia Flag 5 Harinia Twenty One Pilots Heavydirtysoul link
Vkyconfd Valkyria Confederation Kristian Kostov Beautiful Mess link
Baltorus Flag Baltorus Stuart Ashen FataBataRang link
Flag of Gotlanhamn Gotlanhamn Dead by April Our Worlds Collide link
Super cool enhanced ultra findrake flag Findrake ИΔΤVИ ft. YUNG BAE Bae City Rollaz link
Fllaaaag Dorsendo Katy Perry ft. Migos Bon Appétit link
Empire Malaya Empire Malaya Charlie Puth One Call Away link
Fdasia Dashia Namika Lieblingsmensch link
Yadranskia Flag Yadranskia Tsoang Tsoang Dr. Victor link
Kikin Kikin Mikito-P ft. Gumi/Rin 1,2 Fanclub link
Snæland-Flag Snæland Lys Assia ft. NewJack All In Your Head link
Ether Ether The Beatles Hey Jude link
Ds Ukane Lena Satellite link
Neo Prussia Neo Prussia Lindsey Stirling Shatter Me link
Zappadonia Flag 3-0 Zappadonia Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know? link
LGBT flag Gaystan Katy Perry California Gurls link

Running order and recap videos

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Running order

Made with

  1. Gotlanhamn
  2. Great Inca
  3. Swedish Canada
  4. Kysia
  5. ABSA Germany
  6. Qysid
  7. Valkyria Conf
  8. Ronschdilatia
  9. Thristarnia
  10. Antaolia
  11. Szabilon
  12. Kurwalands
  13. Savonia
  14. Brabrantum
  15. Kikin
  16. Orecolnia
  17. Ostmarken
  18. Avelly
  19. Neo Prussia
  20. Dashia
  21. Dorsendo
  22. Ulaidh
  23. Zappadonia
  24. Ukane
  25. Vandaysia
  26. Romanian Empire
  27. Snaeland
  28. Caribbean Federation
  29. Yadranskia
  30. Ether
  31. Smernica
  32. Katkaris
  33. Monteregis
  34. Harinia
  35. Baltorus
  36. Pennsyljersaware
  37. Arkmarken
  38. Scotland-Ireland
  39. Western Republic
  40. Socialist Berber Republic
  41. Findrake
  42. Empire Malaya
  43. Gaystan


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01. Harinia 133
02. Arkmarken 112
03. Great Inca 96
04. Gotlanhamn 93
05. Qysid 93
06. Valkyria Confederation 84
07. Gaystan 78
08. Kurwalands 77
09.Ronschdilatia 77
10. Orecolnia 76
11. Zappadonia 75
12. Neo Prussia 71
13. Monteregis 70
14. Vandaysia 64
15. Scotland-Ireland 60
16. Western Republic 56
17. Ether 53
18. Brabrantium 50
19. Ulaidh 48
20. Pennsyljeraware 46
21. Kysia 46
22. Thristarnia 46
23. Caribbean Federation 45
24. Katkaris 44
25. Kikin 40
26. Smernica 40
27. Anatolia 36
28. Dashia 35
29. Baltorus 34
30. Savonia 32
31. Ukane 30
32. Dorsendo 29
33. Szabilon 29
34. Swedish Canada 27
35. Socialist Berber Republic 24
36. Avelly 23
37. Empire Malaya 15
38. Findrake 15
39. ABSA Germany 12
40. Ostmarken 12
41. Snæland 11
42. Romanian Empire 7
43. Yadranskia 2