Mappervision Song Contest XXXI
Success Is Here
Venue Pontagia, Bevaria Bevaria Flag
Number of entries TBA
Voting system Each nation awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Mappervision Song Contest
The Mappervision Song Contest XXXI was the thirty-first annual edition of the Mappervision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia.

It will take place in Pontagia, Bevaria following the nation's victory at the February 2018 edition with Taylor Swift performing I Knew You Were Trouble. This is the first time when Bevaria hosts the contest.

Congrats to Arkmarken!

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  • You can't use a song that has been used in previous editions (List of used songs)
  • You can't leave this edition after voting begins
  • You need to vote, otherwise you'll get banned for one edition


After Bevaria won the previous contest, Bevaria announced that the contest would be held in the Pontagia Arena in Pontagia.

Key   dagger   Host venue

City Venue Capacity
Athens Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall 19,200
Turin Pala Alpitour 18,000
Pontagia Pontagia Arena dagger 12,500
Rome PalaLottomatica 11,000


Nation Artist Song Place Points
Bevaria Flag Bevaria (Host) Lady Gaga Bad Romance 6 83
VFlagProt1 Valkyria Confederation Lindsey Stirling Love's Just A Feeling 18 51
Flag of Motjeblur Motjeblur Keemstar Dollar In The Woods 21 47
Baltorus Flag Baltorus (Ethan) NEFFEX Failure 32 26
KLflag Kurwalands The Chainsmokers You Owe Me 10 68
Robloxia Flag Robloxia Ellie Goulding Beating Heart 30 28
Danubia4 Danubian Federation Katy Perry Hey Hey Hey 17 54
Neo Prussia Neo Prussia Kygo Stranger Things (Alan Walker Remix) 16 55
Index Iberian Kingdom Showtek Booyah 41 5
Zappadonia Flag 3-0 Zappadonia SWS If I'm James Dean... 25 38
Fyorr-Flag Fyorr Boyinaband Don't Stay In School 37 17
Redddddddddd Apollo Union The Abridged Boiis ANIME CYPHER 2017 22 46
Western Flag by CJets Western Republic Bruno Mars That's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix) 4 92
Flag of the United Great Lakes United Great Lakes Marshmello FRIENDS 2 106
New flag for Arkmarken Arkmarken Train Hey, Soul Sister 1 106
Slavic Confederation Flag Slavic Confederation Axwell Λ Ingrosso Sun Is Shining 28 34
Тристарния Thristarnia Cee Lo Green Fuck You 35 25
Harinia Flag 5 Harinia PEPE Shadillay 18 51
Dabaa Baltorus (Trio) Pirates Of The Penzance I am the very model of a Modern Major General 15 57
Brabrantium Grunge Flag Brabrantium TobyMac Speak Life 32 26
Vedena flsg Vedena Slipknot Everything Ends 40 7
Roman Uspanna Roman Uspanna Bartolomé Pérez Casas Marcha Grenada 25 38
RDYTKFQ Bowie David Bowie Flight Of The Concords 28 34
Proposal flag of sumer no 1 by resistance pencil-daj2yu3 Sumerian Republic "Weird Al" Yankovic Word Crimes 39 14
Debadda Albaurian Federation Various artists The Greatest Show 20 48
AlatiaFlag Alatia Demi Lovato Sorry Not Sorry 9 70
Saraim Saraim Eleni Foureira Fuego 12 65
CDC32053-EFAB-4904-BCC0-ECB2A7F1ACE2 Vladimirastok Camila Cabello  Never Be The Same 6 83
Karonas Karonas Geoff Knorr/Trio Kavkasia Civilization 6 Georgia Atomic Theme 36 21
AlternianFlag Alternia Oasis Wonderwall 11 66
Flag of Francoisa Francoisa Shakira Perro Fiel 14 59
Parbounila Vėlaga Parbounli Dragonforce Through The Fire And Flames 32 26
Pppppppppppppp Canary Empire A-ha Take On Me 13 60
Flag of Austranland Empire Austranland Jessica Mauboy We Got Love 31 27
MonteregisFlag Monteregis Saara Aalto Monsters 22 46
Kareyanka Krallığı Karianka TheFatRat Fly Away 5 88
Flag of Vandaysia Vandaysia Netta TOY 8 73
Ronsch Ronschdilatia Turmion Kätilöt Ranteet Auki 38 16
Gaul flag by shikku27316-d6n7edb Gallia Rocky Horror Picture Show The Time Warp 3 96
Flag of Workland Merkelreich Rhianna Work 24 41
Cataloniad Scottish Catalonia Weird Al' Yankovic Hamilton Polka 27 35