Mappervision Song Contest XXXIV
Ignite The Fire!
Venue Staples Center,
Los Angeles, Western Republic Western Flag by CJets
Host broadcaster Western Broadcasting Corporation WBC Logo
Number of entries 25
Voting system Each nation awards 12, 10, 8–1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Mappervision Song Contest
The Mappervision Song Contest XXXIV is the thirty-fourth annual edition of the Mappervision Song Contest. It is based on Eurovision but with alternate countries (nations) in Mapperdonia.

It takes place in Los Angeles, Western Republic following the nation's victory at the June 2018 edition with K-391 featuring Alan Walker performing Ignite. This is the third time when Western Republic won the Mappervision Song Contest but the second time when they host the contest.

Congrats to the Western Republic!

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  • You can't use a song that has been used in previous editions (List of used songs)
  • You can't leave this edition after voting begins
  • You need to vote, otherwise you'll get banned for one edition


Staples Center.jpg
Staples Center
Shortly after Western Republic won the previous edition, the Western Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster of Western Republic started to seek the host city and host venue for the thirty-fourth Mappervision Song Contest. Four venues in the Western Republic sent a bid for hosting the contest with the following venues, the WestAir Centre in Calgary, the Boeing Arena in Seattle, the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The Western Broadcasting Corporation announced that the Staples Center in Los Angeles would be the host venue for the 34th Mappervision Song Contest. The Staples Center has a capacity of approximately 19,000 attendees.

City Venue Capacity Notes
Calgary WestAir Centre 24,000 Hosted Mappervision Song Contest XXVII, the MIHF 2018 Club Cup Championship, several concerts and ice hockey events.
Seattle Boeing Arena 23,000 Hosted the 2018 MIHF Winter Championship, several concerts and ice hockey events.
Los Angeles Staples Center dagger 19,000 Hosted the 2018 Mapperdonian Olympic Games, several concerts, basketball and ice hockey events.
Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena 18,000 Hosted several concerts and ice hockey events.


Nation Artist Song Place Points
Western Flag by CJets Western Republic (Host) Kygo & Imagine Dragons Born To Be Yours 1 97
New Baltic Flag Baltic Federation Melovin Under the Ladder 2 71
FlagBayoux Bayoux Lady Gaga Judas 16 34
Flag of Guerre Guerre XXXTentacion SAD! 9 49
KLflag Kurwalands Twenty One Pilots Jumpsuit 8 51
Dantomkia flag-0 Dantomkia Michael Buble Haven’t Met You Yet 21 20
Neo Prussia Neo Prussia ONE OK ROCK The Way Back 9 49
Pppppppppppppp Canary Empire DJ Toxic Secret Melody 22 16
Zappadonia Flag 3-0 Zappadonia Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit 5 61
Harinia Flag 5 Harinia Sting Desert Rose 23 15
New Flag of Novvasrbija Novasrbija Ina Wroldsen Strongest (Alan Walker Remix) 13 44
Karonas Karonas Sabaton Winged Hussars 12 45
New flag of Serelet Serelet Amber Run I Found 11 48
FlagOfQysid Qysid Childish Gambino This Is America 3 65
VFlagProt1 Valkyria Confederation Kygo, The Night Game Kids In Love 6 58
Flag of Lygossia Nogai Lygossia Nogai Ezhel Kazıdık Tırnaklarla 24 10
Flag of Arkmarken Arkmarken XXXTentacion Jocelyn Flores 18 27
Saraim Saraim TheFatRat The Calling 7 55
Тристарния Thristarnia Lil B I Own Swag 25 7
Albadonia Albadonia TheFatRat Mayday 4 63
Flag of Almania Almania Three Lions Football’s Coming Home 19 25
Tolun 2 Talon Rasmussen Higher Ground 14 40
Asdsda Adria Colonia SVIJET VOLI POBJEDNIKE 19 25
Szabilonia2.0 Szabilon Breaking Benjamin I Will Not Bow 14 40
Flag of Helvetia Helvetia Baby K Da zero a cento 17 29