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MappingPez is an American Mapper. MappingPez is one of the most known Mappers due to his involvement in the Trapped on Neterra series, and affairs in the Wikia. He rose to fame when he was promoted to Chat Moderator, and started to make contributions to many Namespaces.

MappingPez has then succeeded to try to improve the Wikia, and try to create more realistic dialects for Mapping. In September 2014, he started to produce FoEmotes, and created Future Of Strips in October 2014, the first comic strip in Mapperdonia. In January 2015, he started the MonthPages along with Monsoonjr99, to try to improve recording history of Mapperdonia.

He has been regarded by many Users, such as SunnyKhan688, Mindria, and Mapmaker024, as a famous Mapper. Gaining support from Mappers from FoEmotes and Future of Strips, he then got enough attention to become a Chat moderator. In December 2014, he was promoted to a Chat moderator by Batran99 because of popularity.

MappingPez has won no contests yet, but he was a judge in the Second Mapper Tournament, being chosen for this by IonMapping.


In 2013, MappingPez found MrOwnerandPwner's videos, and watched them. However, he forgot about Mapping until early 2014, when he rediscovered Mapping and started to make slides. However, he discontinued his slides in March 2014 due to it being hard work. However, he returned in June 2014 and published his first video. It became a success, but had to be taken down due to issues. It was reuploaded in July 2014 along with the second episode of the series.


In late July 2014, MappingPez discovered the Wikia, however he didn't have time to explore it. But, in August 2014, he finally had the courage to go on the Wikia. He made his page, and was greeted by several Users, like Thumboy and Zukasratavarius.

Late 2014

Early-Mid 2015

Late 2015

During this time, MappingPez fell into controversy with several people when "Mapperdonian Fanfictions" became popular. He was a participant in making several stories, some sexual, and some unfinished that involved several mappers such as AenMaps, TL Mapping, ShiningOrange, Graznorteas 'The G', and others. He was criticized by KommunistKoala and NTR Mapping for doing so, as some of the fanfictions involved them.

Early 2016

Late 2016



Episodes made

Europe 2.0

Year Series Title Notes
2014 Europe 2.0 The Beginning Republished for modifications
2014 Europe 2.0 USSR vs Bevaria vs Scandinavia
2014 Europe 2.0 New Europe
2014 Europe 2.0 Nuke Wars
2014 Europe 2.0 Galoria Pwns
2014 Europe 2.0 The Massive Takedown
2014 Europe 2.0 2.0
2014 Europe 2.0 The Revival
2014 Europe 2.0 The Troubles Of Such A Society
2014 Europe 2.0 A Relief Fall
2014 Europe 2.0 The Past and Future
2014 Europe 2.0 Empires
2014 Europe 2.0 The Romans
2014 Europe 2.0 The End of Land End of Chapter 1
2015 Europe 2.0 Mars
2015 Europe 2.0 Moving Problems

The Split

Year Series Title Notes
2015 The Split Episode 1
2015 The Split Episode 2
2015 The Split Episode 3
2015 The Split Episode 4
2015 The Split Episode 5 End of Chapter 1
2015 The Split Episode 6

History of Maperaia

Year Series Title Notes
2015 History of Maperaia Episode 1
2015 History of Maperaia Episode 2

Wars Around the World

Year Series Title Notes
2015 Wars Around the World The Split of Principe
2015 Wars Around the World Timor Takeover
2015 Wars Around the World The Svalbard War
2015 Wars Around the World The Battle of Jervis Bay Territory

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