MappingPez at the second Mappervision Song Contest in August 2015
Birth 2001, Seattle, Washington
Education {{{education}}}
Occupation Mapping, author
Years active 2014-present
Channel MappingPez

Pez "MappingPez" Miner12 (born 2001) is an American Mapper. MappingPez is one of the most known Mappers due to his involvement in the Trapped on Neterra series, and affairs in the Wikia. He rose to fame when he was promoted to Chat Moderator, and started to make contributions to many Namespaces.

MappingPez has then succeeded to try to improve the Wikia, and try to create more realistic dialects for Mapping. In September 2014, he started to produce FoEmotes, and created Future Of Strips in October 2014, the first comic strip in Mapperdonia. In January 2015, he started the MonthPages along with Monsoonjr99, to try to improve recording history of Mapperdonia.

He has been regarded by many Users, such as SunnyKhan688, Mindria, and Mapmaker024, as a famous Mapper. Gaining support from Mappers from FoEmotes and Future of Strips, he then got enough attention to become a Chat moderator. In December 2014, he was promoted to a Chat moderator by Batran99 because of popularity.

MappingPez has won no contests yet, but he was a judge in the Second Mapper Tournament, being chosen for this by IonMapping.

Early life

MappingPez was born in 2001.


In 2013, MappingPez found MrOwnerandPwner's videos, and watched them. However, he forgot about Mapping until early 2014, when he rediscovered Mapping and started to make slides. However, he discontinued his slides in March 2014 due to it being hard work. However, he returned in June 2014 and published his first video. It became a success, but had to be taken down due to issues. It was reuploaded in July 2014 along with the second episode of the series.


In late July 2014, MappingPez discovered the Wikia, however he didn't have time to explore it. But, in August 2014, he finally had the courage to go on the Wikia. He made his page, and was greeted by several Users, like Thumboy and Zukasratavarius.

Episodes made

Year Series Title Notes
2014 Europe 2.0 The Beginning Republished for modifications
2014 Europe 2.0 USSR vs Bevaria vs Scandinavia
2014 Europe 2.0 New Europe
2014 Europe 2.0 Nuke Wars
2014 Europe 2.0 Galoria Pwns
2014 Europe 2.0 The Massive Takedown
2014 Europe 2.0 2.0
2014 Europe 2.0 The Revival
2014 Europe 2.0 The Troubles Of Such A Society


About and Main Series

No Title
MappingPez as a Polandball

No Title

No information

Template:Wikidata image

MappingPez is a mapper that discovered Mapping around late May 2013. He mainly as of 4/29/2015 works on The Split and History Of Maperaia. He has a YouTube channel that is updated with his videos when they come out. Channel Link:

The main series of MappingPez that he is currently working on is The Split. The Wikia account of MappingPez is Pezminer12. Be sure to contact him if you have questions for MappingPez.

His official nation was declared Galoria on 9/2/2014.

Relationship with other Mappers

He doesn't work or relate to a lot of mappers, but he is inspired by MrOwnerandPwner to make his main series, Europe 2.0. Coincidentally, he and MrOwnerandPwner have a series that has the same name (except the MOaP's is the past and MP's is in the future). The section will be updated with more mappers that he gainsw relationships with.


Inspiring +40

Nice + 50

Reads Future Of Strips +10

100 points.


Nice +5

Vandalized me once -3

2 points.


Friends +20

In his Map Game +5

Nice +5

30 points.


Likes some of my comic strips +25

Nice +10

Friendly +15

Loves and uses my emotes +50

Good videos +10

110 points.

Percy (IHOR)

Made a Meme for him +10

Liked it +5

15 points.


Vandalized -25

Cursed at me -100

-125 points.


Respectful +15

Nice +10

25 points.


Made a new profile pic for him +5

Nice +10

15 points.


Friendly + 15

Nice + 10

Likes my comics +20

45 points.

Zephyrus Mapping

Reads Future of Strips +10

Fought off Arcy +5

15 points.


Says I ripoff Loli -5

Nice +5

Turkish +1

1 point.


Reads Future of Strips +10

Good videos +10

Friendly +5

Takes my side on AtWar +5

30 points.


Vandalized me -15

Destroyed some of my FoEmotes -20

Fought off Arcy +15

Fought off Trio +15

-5 points.


Friends +15

Likes my Future Of Strips + 10

25 points.


Friendly +5

Rivals with emotes -1

4 points.


Addicted to World War II memes -5

Cool +10

Friendly +5

15 points.


Friendly +5

5 points.

Diamondist (Martin Okada)

Friendly +5

Has a cool avatar +5

10 points.

You can see the rest here.



10 subscribers - 8/30/14

25 subscribers - 11/5/14

50 subscribers 1/5/14


200 views - 9/11/14

Wiki Accomplishments

  • Uploader of the 4,400th image
  • Became a Chat Moderator twice
  • Uploader of the 5,600th image
  • 100,000th Lucky Edit badge
  • Creator of the 1000th page
  • Creator of the 1,100th page
  • Creator of the 1,300th page

Mapper Opinions


I see him as a best friend. He has good videos, did the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, and is addicted to soap. I have made him FoEmotes, and he appreciates them. For these many reasons, I put him on the front cover on Future Of Strips.


I see MrAmericanMapper as a good friend. I have put him on my featured mappers list on my channel. Also, I have made FoEmotes for him, but he doesn't seem to use them. He also takes my side.


He fought off Arcy, and some Trio. But he vandalized me, destroyed some of FoEmotes, and removed some of my templates. Also, he is a little bit greedy.


A good average mapper. Fellow admin on the backup wiki of this wiki.


He isn't that active, but still a good person.


Founder of the wiki. He shows me things I don't know, and sometimes keeps me updated on what is going on. He is a good mapper with nice videos.


Founder of the backup wiki. Advised me to come with him during the Anniversary War to keep ourselves out of the crisis. I think he should get a new profile picture.

TKAFan (Michigan Mapper)

My rival with emotes. Seems friendly, and has good mapping videos.

Diamondist (Martin Okada)

An average mapper on the FoEWikia. He seems to request lots of things, I have noticed. I do favor his profile picture.


The best mapping videos. They are very detailed and made with hard work. I appreciate them. Also, he doesn't talk a lot.

Miguel (Hernandez)

Neat mapper from Mexico. Friendly on the wiki, and enjoys chatting with me.

Percy (IHOR)

A person with excellent video making, for example his 'Mapping: The Movie' tralier videos for mappers. His videos are really good, he treats me as a friend, and that is why I put him on the cover on Future Of Strips. Also, greek.

You can see more opinions here.

Mappers Opinions Of Me

Post here of what your opinion of me is below this text.


He's a pretty cool guy and his emotes are really cool.


Awesome friend who is talented in many ways. I love his emotes, and he is one of my best friends. He stands up for his rights which I think is brave of him.


A Very awesome guy. I love his derpy minecraft face :D derp derp derp :D


A very good editor, has very good ideas, and I really enjoy his Future of Strips!


He seems pretty nice, he makes good FoEballs/Mapperballs. He apparently plays minecraft, so that's good too. His only flaw is his official nations map, where he kind of messed up with some of the nation locations.

Philipp Mapping

He is nice and Awesome.Have add cool Things in his Profile Page and he has nice emotes,and His Future of Trips is very cool.


He is a good guy. Nice artist and series.

João The Mordecai Mapper

Makes very good FoEballs/Mapperballs and its a very good editor


Nice comics and mapping,definitely one of my fav mappers but i wish to him to apologize for calling my comics suck.


Pez is an awesome person. His mapping is good. I love his Emotes and his Deleted Scenes from his FoE. Very hilarious.


Write your opinions of me now here.



  • Pizza
  • Penguins
  • Fans


  • Haters
  • People with no logic

Countries made by MappingPez in his series

  • West Yugoslavia
  • East Yugoslavia
  • Crimea
  • New Crimea/Burgas
  • Iberian Empire/Iberia (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Baria
  • Bevaria
  • Paris
  • New Bevaria
  • Scandinavia (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Oran
  • Celts
  • Concavia
  • Galorian Empire/Galoria
  • Jemini
  • Grenada (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Gibraltar
  • Baltica
  • Warsaw
  • Cretes
  • Tunis Republic
  • Scozivo Territory
  • Congrian Empire
  • Fai/Europia
  • Lisbon
  • T.E.R.R.A
  • Africa 2.0
  • Europe 2.0
  • Turkish Regions 2.0
  • Middle East 2.0
  • Spain 2.0
  • France 2.0
  • Middle Europe 2.0
  • Finland 2.0
  • Scandinavia 2.0
  • Baltic States 2.0
  • New Austria
  • Murmansk
  • Komi
  • Novayla Komi
  • Greece 2.0
  • Italy 2.0
  • Germania 2.0
  • United Kingdom 2.0 or UK 2.0
  • Sicily
  • Europe-Siberia/Immobilia
  • Middle East
  • Cycrator
  • Middle Europe & Yugoslavian Territory
  • Iluminatis/The World Order
  • Minoa
  • Nelagia
  • Concavia Reunited
  • Luhans'ka
  • Belarus Republic
  • Urkesh/Assyria & Archaemenid Empires/Archaemenid Empire
  • Arkesh
  • Judea
  • Nords
  • Farundi
  • Vikes
  • Scythian Tribes/Scythia/Scythia II
  • Veld'oh/Brandenburg
  • Diekerch
  • Papal
  • Ossetia
  • Turkmi
  • Old Egypt
  • West Akkadia
  • East Akkadia
  • Picts (E(2.0)[MP])
  • ​Celts (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Irish
  • Holland
  • Hittilies (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Britain (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Lydia
  • Thrace (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Carthage (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Ceringo/Parthia
  • Visigoths (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Anglos
  • Saxons (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Western Rome (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Eastern Rome/Byzantium (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Huns (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Swedes/Goths/Gothentic Kingdoms
  • Picts II
  • Visigoths II
  • Ostrogoths
  • Moors (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Kingdom of the Vandals
  • Libya II
  • Egypt II
  • Franks
  • Burgundy (E(2.0)[MP])
  • Berbers
  • Scarampi
  • Valkor
  • Lesblo
  • Tarneste
  • Tethyes
  • Cerbria

(E(2.0)[MP]) = Europe 2.0 Series by MappingPez (splits reader's thinking it is stolen from another series



If you ask: "What is the point of this section? Don't you already have a blog about these?". Well, it is just fun to show my countryball art here.


Retired I am the founder of FoEmotes, and I can make FoEmotes for you! Here are the emotes I have made so far. If you want one made, please message me! MappingPezHappy Also, if you do have a FoEmote, input this into your profile: "Template:User:Box/FoEmoteHas". With "{ {  } }". The main page for this is here.


MappingPezNormal MappingPezAngry MappingPezExcited MappingPezHappy MappingPezNotAmused MappingPezSad


MapmakerAnchluss MapmakerHappy MapmakerNormal MapmakerAngry MapmakerNotAmused MapmakerExcited MaptangleSOAP MapmakerWink






MrAmericanMapperAngry MrAmericanMapperNormal


IronhandNormal IronhandAngry IronhandHappy IronhandExcited IronhandAnchluss IronhandNotAmused IronhandSad

It's Excellent

ItsExcellentHappy ItsExcellentNormal ItsExcellentNotAmused


HappyDanceNormal HappyDanceAngry HappyDanceHappy HappyDanceNotAmused


OlimarioHappy OlimarioNormal OlimarioAnchluss OlimarioAngry OlimarioExcited OlimarioNotAmused OlimarioSad



Percy (IHOR)

PercyExcited PercyHappy PercyNormal PercyNotAmused PercyAngry PercyAnchluss PercySad


LisastrHappy LisastrNormal




SunnyKhanAngry SunnyKhanNotAmused SunnyKhanHappy SunnyKhanNormal SunnyKhanSad SunnyKhanExcited

David Mapper

DavidMapperNotAmused DavidMapperNormal DavidMapperHappy DavidMapperExcited DavidMapperAngry DavidMapperAnchluss DavidMapperSad

Asdf Mapping

AsdfMappingNotAmused AsdfMappingNormal AsdfMappingHappy AsdfMappingExcited AsdfMappingAngry AsdfMappingAnchluss AsdfMappingSad

TL Mapping (TLMapping1)

Reichtangle:TLMappingAnchluss TLMappingAngry TLMappingExcited TLMappingHappy TLMappingNormal TLMappingNotAmused TLMappingSad

Square:TLMappingSquareAnchluss TLMappingSquareAngry TLMappingSquareExcited TLMappingSquareHappy TLMappingSquareNormal TLMappingSquareNotAmused TLMappingSquareSad


MonsoonjrAnchluss MonsoonjrAngry MonsoonjrExcited MonsoonjrHappy MonsoonjrNormal MonsoonjrNotAmused MonsoonjrSad


EthanNormal EthanAngry EthanExcited EthanNotAmused EthanHappy EthanAnchluss EthanSad

SahksPro Mapper

SahksProAnchluss SahksProAngry SahksProExcited SahksProHappy SahksProNormal SahksProNotAmused SahksProSad


TheGreenGuyAnchluss TheGreenGuyAngry TheGreenGuyExcited TheGreenGuyHappy TheGreenGuyNormal TheGreenGuyNotAmused TheGreenGuySad

Mapper Freaker

MapperFreakerAnchluss MapperFreakerAngry MapperFreakerExcited MapperFreakerHappy MapperFreakerNormal MapperFreakerNotAmused MapperFreakerSad


TheCBTheoryAnchluss TheCBTheoryAngry TheCBTheoryExcited TheCBTheoryHappy TheCBTheoryNormal TheCBTheoryNotAmused TheCBTheorySad


GenericcAPAnchluss GenericcAPAngry GenericcAPExcited GenericcAPHappy GenericcAPNormal GenericcAPNotAmused GenericcAPSad

Kavishan Mapping

KavishanAnchluss KavishanAngry KavishanExcited KavishanHappy KavishanNormal KavishanNotAmused KavishanSad


ThelolistanAnchluss ThelolistanAngry ThelolistanExcited ThelolistanHappy ThelolistanNormal ThelolistanNotAmused ThelolistanSad


EpicMapperAnchluss EpicMapperAngry EpicMapperExcited EpicMapperHappy EpicMapperNormal EpicMapperNotAmused EpicMapperSad

Peter Mapping

PeterMappingAnchluss PeterMappingAngry PeterMappingExcited PeterMappingHappy PeterMappingNormal PeterMappingNotAmused PeterMappingSad


KingOfWelironAnchluss KingOfWelironAngry KingOfWelironExcited KingOfWelironHappy KingOfWelironNormal KingOfWelironNotAmused KingOfWelironSad

Mind1337 mapping

SuperMindAnchluss SuperMindANgry SuperMindExcited SuperMindHappy SuperMindNormal SuperMindNotAmused SuperMindSad

Ender Mapping

EnderMappingAnchluss EnderMappingAngry EnderMappingExcited EnderMappingHappy EnderMappingNormal EnderMappingNotAmused EnderMappingSad


EmperorCheesecakesAnchluss EmperorCheesecakesAngry EmperorCheesecakesExcited EmperorCheesecakesHappy EmperorCheesecakesNormal EmperorCheesecakesNotAmused EmperorCheesecakesSad

Fedex Mapper

FedexMapperAnchluss FedexMapperAngry FedexMapperExcited FedexMapperHappy FedexMapperNormal FedexMapperNotAmused FedexMapperSad

Graznorteas 'The G'

GraznorteasAnchluss GraznorteasAngry GraznorteasExcited GraznorteasHappy GraznorteasNormal GraznorteasNotAmused GraznorteasSad

Mxicoball lel

MexicoballLelAnchluss MexicoballLelAngry MexicoballLelExcited MexicoballLelHappy MexicoballLelNormal MexicoballLelNotAmused MexicoballLelSad


BatranAnchluss BatranAngry BatranExcited BatranHappy BatranNormal BatranNotAmused BatranSad

Evergreen Mapping

EvergreenMappingAnchluss EvergreenMappingAngry EvergreenMappingExcited EvergreenMappingHappy EvergreenMappingNormal EvergreenMappingNotAmused EvergreenMappingSad


IzzoboetamAnchluss IzzoboetamAngry IzzoboetamExcited IzzoboetamHappy IzzoboetamNormal IzzoboetamNotAmused IzzoboetamSad


LennyGeorgeAnschluss LennyGeorgeAngry LennyGeorgeExcited LennyGeorgeHappy LennyGeorgeNormal LennyGeorgeNotAmused LennyGeorgeSad

Polandball Mapping & Slovenia

PM&MSloveniaAnschluss PM&MSloveniaAngry PM&MSloveniaExcited PM&MSloveniaHappy PM&MSloveniaNormal PM&MSloveniaNotAmused PM&MSloveniaSad


ThunderByskAnchluss ThunderByskAngry ThunderByskExcited ThunderByskHappy ThunderByskNormal ThunderByskNotAmused ThunderByskSad


Eric4eAnchluss Eric4eAngry Eric4eExcited Eric4eHappy Eric4eNormal Eric4eNotAmused Eric4eSad


OrangeEmpireAnchluss OrangeEmpireAngry OrangeEmpireExcited OrangeEmpireHappy OrangeEmpireNormal OrangeEmpireNotAmused OrangeEmpireSad


IonMappingAnchluss IonMappingAngry IonMappingExcited IonMappingHappy IonMappingNormal IonMappingNotAmused IonMappingSad

Thunder Mapping

ThunderMappingAnchluss ThunderMappingAngry ThunderMappingExcited ThunderMappingHappy ThunderMappingNormal ThunderMappingNotAmused ThunderMappingSad

Cro Mapper

CroMapperAnchluss CroMapperAngry CroMapperExcited CroMapperHappy CroMapperNormal CroMapperNotAmused CroMapperSad

BR Map

BRMapAnchluss BRMapAngry BRMapExcited BRMapHappy BRMapNormal BRMapNotAmused BRMapSad


MrNTRDudeAnchluss MrNTRDudeAngry MrNTRDudeExcited MrNTRDudeHappy MrNTRDudeNormal MrNTRDudeNotAmused MrNTRDudeSad

Aendarus Mapping

AendarusMappingAnchluss AendarusMappingAngry AendarusMappingExcited AendarusMappingHappy AendarusMappingNormal AendarusMappingNotAmused AendarusMappingSad

The Molten Swordsman

TheMoltenSwordsmanAnchluss TheMoltenSwordsmanAngry TheMoltenSwordsmanExcited TheMoltenSwordsmanHappy TheMoltenSwordsmanNormal TheMoltenSwordsmanNotAmused TheMoltenSwordsmanSad


KpTroopaFR2Anchluss KpTroopaFR2Angry KpTroopaFR2Excited KpTroopaFR2Happy KpTroopaFR2Normal KpTroopaFR2NotAmused KpTroopaFR2NSad

Dieggi Canary Islands

DieggiCanaryIslandsAnchluss DieggiCanaryIslandsAngry DieggiCanaryIslandsExcited DieggiCanaryIslandsHappy DieggiCanaryIslandsNormal DieggiCanaryIslandsNotAmused DieggiCanaryIslandsSad

Dillan V Mapping

DillanAnchluss DillanAngry DillanExcited DillanHappy DillanNormal DillanNotAmused DillanSad

MappingPezHappy MappingPez MappingPezHappy
Nations: Galoria - Bevaria - List of Europe 2.0 Nations - Timeline of Europe 2.0 (MappingPez) - List of nations in The Split (MappingPez) - List of nations in History of Maperaia (MappingPez)

Pages: MappingPez - MappingPez's Polandball Pictures - What if there is no MappingPez? - 2014 for Pezminer12

Wars: Operation: 2.0 - Russian Annexation of Ukraine

Series: Europe 2.0 (MappingPez) - The Split (MappingPez) - Trapped on Neterra (MappingPez) - History of Maperaia - Wars Around the World (MappingPez)

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