Marmadania is official nation made by Polandball and Mapping Slovenia.

Kingdom of Marmadania
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Official Marmadanian Flag.png

Gloire à l'empire de Marmadanié
La gloire Marmadanié!
Location of Marmadania
Capital Avignon
Languages French (Official), Basque, Catalonian, Sardinian, Celtic, Corsican, etc.
Religion Christianity/Atheism
Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  Monarch Jacques the IV
Legislature Imperial Senate
 - Marmadanian Revolution 2034 - 2035
Currency Marmadanian Roy
Calling code +89
Internet TLD .mm

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UFNFlag This nation is a member of the GPO
FlagOfGEU This nation is a member of the GEU
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Marmadanian Revolution

In 2034, protests against French president start. Marmadanian revolution starts. Pierre Beaumont (later Pierre the First) is the leader. On March 13 2035 French president is shot. Pierre moves the capital to Avignon and names himself as king Pierre the first. In 2037, Wallonia, Basque, Catalonia and western Switzerland join Marmadania.  

First war of Marmadania

In 2040, a fascist revolution happened in Azerbaijan. An evil man named Yölök Mustafa became the leader. He had a plan of getting rid of all Armenians, Georgians and Jews. He was supported by Turkish government led by Ahmed Kermaşan. Y.M. conquered Georgia in 2043. After that, Georgian/Jewish genocide started in Azerbaijan. A lot of people were massacred or shot, others were deported to Xigali concentration camp, where at least 0.5 million people died. It's surprisingly that at least 1 million Azeris died because they didn't agree with Yölök Mustafa's regime. The USA rejected all meetings with Azeri dictator and Turkey was kicked out of NATO. The war started when Azerbaijan declared a war on Armenia in 2048. Turkey also did that and the Great Eastern War started. The USA, Marmadania, Greece and Russia declared war on the GEW Axis (Turkey, Fascist Azerbaijan). The allies were losing on start, what meant that Azeris were able to destroy Armenian homes and cities. But American forces liberated Georgia and Axis was starting to losing. But Azerbaijan was developing nuclear weapons in the time before war. 2 of them fell on cities. The first one fell on the city of Chinvali (Georgia), resulting 10.000 deaths and the second one fell on Alaverdi (Armenia), resulting 25.000 deaths. People of the world were shocked. The Allies won the most important battle in the war: the battle of Ganja. Turkey capitulated when Russian/American forces conquered Ankara. Near the end of the war, a horrible massacre happened in Armenian village of Soyik, where Azeri forces brutally killed 1.500 people. The world has been really shocked. Marmadanian king decided to bomb the Palace of Fascism in Baku. That palace was the residence of Yölök Mustafa. After Y.M's death, Azerbaijan capitulated and the war was over. Nagorno Karabakh, Javakheti and some of eastern Annatolia were given to Armenia, a part of Thrace was given to Greece, Georgia got some of western Azerbaijan and South Ossetia and Abkhazia were given to Russia. The war cost was around 3 million lives, around 400.000 of them were Armenian (aka the second Armenian genocide). The war also revealed that Yölök Mustafa tried to conquer the world and was responsible for 4 million deaths. After the war, Azerbaijan became one of the most hated countries in the world and Russia - USA relations became better.

Fall of the empire

In 2389, Marmadania let UK, Netherlands, Iceland, Greenland, German part of Switzerland and Balkan nations get their independence. Some African nations didn't like Marmadania's presence in their territory even though Marmadanians liked and respected them. That also happened in south Arabia, Venezuela, New Brunswick and Philippines. They started a war named "Great Separatist War". Fortunately, there were no civil deaths. Unfortunately, there was over 10 million soldiers dead. Separatists won the war and the treaty of Brest was signed. Marmadania lost a lot of land and after the war it didn't conquer any piece of land.


Location and Flag

Official Marmadanian Flag

This is the flag. Red represent the blood of all those, who died for the king in the revolution. Blue represents the freedom of people. Yellow star presents the king.

Marmadanian borders

Green country on the map is Marmadania.


Marmadanian Regions

1 North France

2 South France

3 Capital region (Avignon)

4 Catalonia

5 Basque

6 Sardinia and Corsica


Marmadania's biggest real-life allies are Slovenia, Armenia, USA, Germany and Netherlands.

Marmadania's biggest real-life enemies are Turkey, Azerbaijan (because they hate Armenia).

Almost all visitors of Marmadania don't need visas (except Turkish and Azerbaijani visitors).

Marmadania is a very friendly nation, they use nukes only for defense (mostly they don't even use any).

Marmadania ON allies are Yugo-Hellenia, Kirarica, Renmark, Takunovia, Marway, Polskaňowa...


There's no death penalty in Marmadania.

Marmadania is very respective to homosexuals - gay and lesbian marriages are legal.

It's forbidden to burn any flag in Marmadania.

Extreme nationalism is forbidden.

Smoking is forbidden.

Marmadanians respect every religion - that means that people can have any religion and are free to choose it.


Marmadania has colonies in Africa:


Marmadania also annexed French Guyana, which was renamed to South American territory of Marmadania, or Marmadanian America.

Marmadanians care for people in colonies very much. Because most of the people are poor, Marmadanians give them aid like food, free medicine, and fresh water. Because of these things, people in the colonies have a higher standard of living than their pre-colonization nations. In addition, crime rates and war has been in decline in the colonies after Marmadanians arrived. In Muslim colonies, there is also less terrorism.

Marmadanian Empire


The Marmadanian Empire, ca. 2134

Flag of the Marmadanian Empire

Flag of the Marmadanian Empire

The Marmadanian Empire started when people used for colonization started conquering African countries.

King Jacques III started to think about the empire. In 2225 he conquered the Netherlands. Two years later he conquered Italy, Spain and Portugal. Slovenia joined to Marmadania in 2236. Marmadania conquered the British Isles, Iceland and southern Greenland in 2240. Quebec joined to it next year. Marmadania expanded Marmadanian America in Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Hispaniola and in a small part of Brazil in 2258. It conquered Indochina and Philippines in 2272. Scared of Marmadanian power, Balkan countries (except Greece) joined it. The last thing was invasion of Djibouti and South Arabia in 2314.


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