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Un paso adelante
The Red Flag
Capital Sevillie
Government Socialist Republic
Historical era 339
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|+629]]

The Socialist Republic of Masorpia is a nation located in South Iberia, Europe.

History: Tribal Era 5562-1050

in -5562 a Spanish tribe called: Hispanria were living in a small forest of El Almicerá in South Iberia. They were very successful tribe and managed to outlast many tribes. Hispanria was a weak tribe compared to the short living tribes that surrounded the tribe. there chance was of being whiped out was Medium. in -5526 Many of the tribe men didn't know what was outside the world so they traveled into North Iberia but something went wrong... in -5422 a Hispanrian hunter gatherer spotted a large force of a rival tribe called "Mirazia" heading towards Hispanria. After being notified about this threat, the tribe's chief ordered that the next day, a massive migration will take place. the attackers causing mass panic among the tribe. Many men immediately fought the attackers. 89 people who lived in the tribe, only 63 survived the attack and migration. The tribe carried on with their migration south settling down in their home land of El Almicerá. their safety level was very high for years.... in -4856 a small village was created in the tribe "Hisrpa" after the tribe. this village was the center of the tribe.