Michiganian Mapper is an American Mapper who lives in Michigan.



Michiganian Mapper started in 2012, but under a different name. In 2013, he went under the name of TKAFan. In 2015, he left and rejoined the wiki multiple times before finally leaving for good in August of 2015 due to a conflict over political correctness in the wiki. He also created his third and current YouTube channel. In January 2018, he rejoined the wiki under the new name of Michigan Mapper, but will not be very active.

Official Nation

Originally, Tikolia, a nation in OTL Iran, was Michiganian Mapper's official nation, but it was abandoned after 2015.

Provinces of the Free State of Michigan

The closest thing to an official nation is the Free State of Michigan, an alternate nation in the northern United States that formed as a result of the Toledo War.