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Milord Mudkip, or Pablo was born in Asunción, Paraguay on the 3rd of November of 1999, he is currently 14. He is a n00b mapper. He was originally inspired by Demod. He is currently a High School Freshman. He started his wiki account, on the 8th of october,2014. October 19th, 2014 marks the day he begun mapping. He now has a youTube account:


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As a small child, he was the smartest child in the class, so much that in parent-teacher conference he was recalled for this as it was an issue. Also as a small child he never had video games since his mom would always say it would rot its brain and it would of become a vice, so he had tons of books. This is when he took geography as a pastime. In school he was perhaps the most introverted kid in his class, because of this he never had friends. No one ever understood his hobbies, or even conceived the things he liked. He would always be shy when put around others. As a kid, the only thing he had were books, TV and a weekly visit to the cyber café. Also, his parents never were married so his dad got itself another woman and left Milord alone with his mother. Milord was an only child, yeah you might think oh that's great for him, but he was always alone, to the point he would make imaginary friends just so he wouldn't feel alone. His mom would always have to work so she could sustain him and his few needs. In school, he was bad at almost every subject, even history ( yes, I know shocking right?)except for one subject; science. His passion for science, seemed almost genetic, since his mother was a biochemist, and his dad being a dentist. Everything was pretty much the same until his mother met another man, who would later become his stepdad, he lived in the US. So he asked us to move there. So he did move to the US. Learning the language, was easy for Milord, it only took 3 years so he could master it to an honors level. In school he did so much better. He became interested in history by realizing the links between geography and history. And so he graduated from a middle school with all honors. He just started High School. And is planning to be a mapper.


Milord Mudkip is usually shy when there are too many people. When you see him not really contributing to a conversation, its not that he's being rude, he's just shy. He deeply cares of people he knew for a long time. He hates making enemies. If he ever does insult anybody it was most likely by accident. He can't ever be mad at somebody.


  • Great Memory (although very selective)
  • Drawing
  • Science
  • Strategy (EU4, Pokemon, European war)
  • Acting (3 yrs. of performing arts in Middle School)


He is currently working his Alternate Future of Europe Series. Ep1: Done Ep2: Done Ep3: 80%


30 Subs: 12, December, 2014



  • He was one of the people I first met in Mapperdonia (60)
  • He helped me with my mapping career (145)
  • Cool Vids (30)
  • Good Humor (50)
  • First Subscriber (20)
  • Murica' (55)
  • Insanely Nice (40)

Total: (400) Best of Allies

Milord Likes

  • Geography
  • Science (all of it)
  • Geopolitics
  • History
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Youtube poop
  • The walking dead
  • Paraguay.. Duh
  • MURICA'!
  • Germany
  • Anime (Naruto, Attack on Titan, Hetalia)
  • Two Steps From Hell
  • Steak... Meat
  • Architecture
  • iLoomnati
  • Boston(the city)
  • Algebra (its so much Fun)
  • Creepypastas
  • Dubstep
  • Pokemon (I don't push it on people)
  • Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings, and so on...
  • Drawing/ Sketching

Milord Hates

This do NOT generalize a certain population, there are exceptions.

  • Judgmental people
  • Argentina (they are the worst neighbors imaginable, plus they are the reason why Paraguay is so small)
  • People full of themselves
  • People who force their ideologies onto others
  • Conspiracy Nut-Jobs
  • Math (2+2= 21)
  • Ignorance
  • China (not the people, Just the country)
  • To be Hated/ Not being liked/ making Rivals

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