Minaland (Austrian: Meinerland) is a country in Europe. This country was founded in 2155 with a communist revolution which forced Austria to rename itself. With this, Austria is renamed Minaland. This country is more democratic than some other states, but rest very authoritarian. This country is not very populated, but the majority of the nation is part of the left party. Mien is the capital of the empire. Minaland is more superficial than Ukraine.

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We can nuke, we can take enemies
Mien Mien
Languages Minean, Austria (dialect)
Demonym Minese
Government Empire
President Minei Hierel (Mina IV)
Prime Minister Zoneya Herkul (Zonoya IV)
GDP (nominal) {{{GDP_nominal_date}}}
 - Total $12 trillion
Currency Mer


Minaland has a population of 122 million. The country continues to expand and grow. Mien count 5.6 million inhabitants in rural areas, and 6.4 million residents in the metropolitn areas. Zrane's population measured at 2.4 million inhabitants im rural areas and 5.9 million with metropolitan area. Population growth was fast at the beginning, but has slowed down.


Most of the history of Minaland has remained unknown to historians. The countrywas formed in the 22th century when Austria became communist. The country was neutral for a long time. After 40 years war, Austria was confined in the Austrian region. but his lands was retaken after this war against Tomand. This country has participated in the Yavhes Wars.

Politics and Economy

This nation's government is a communist monarchy, however, democracy has some presence in the country. Because this country doesn't tolerate the terms, "superiority" and "Nazism", these words are forbidden in this country for historical purposes. Minaland is considered the descendant of HRE. Minaland has a strong economy, but is has a big deficit. Fascism began slowly with the time to become important in this country, but Equestria doesn't intervene in the country.

In foreign relations, this country is allied with Rumas since that an hard regime have replaced communism. This country is a fascist monarchy in fact.


Minaland's credits belong to Mina (on deviantArt).

Zoneya region (Bohemia) to SK

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