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This is now an Inactive Map Game.

This is second map game in the Minnesota Against the World (Map Game Series). After 1881, Minnesota suddenly attacks parts of Asia and creates a major war.

Asia map-0


Before playing this map game, you should see the rules here: Minnesota Against the World (Map Game Series)


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Bold = Taken

China (Qing Dynasty)


Dutch West Indies

French Southeast Asia

Spanish East Indies (Philippines)

British Raj (British South Asia)

Russian Empire (Russia)

Minnesota (Minnesotan Republic)

Ottoman Empire (Turkey)

Iran (Persian Empire)

Afghanistan (Dari/Pashto Republic)

Kicked/Banned Players

  • Asgard, for stealing Qing Empire
  • AenMaps banned for permanent time, persistent vandalism


China - Preasten

Ottoman Empire - MSG

ShiningOrange - Minnesota

Obsurcium - Iran

Catalan Mapping - Russia

Matt Mapping (MattVideoProductions) - Afghanistan

EthanConquistador - British Raj

SteamPunkTotoro - French Southeast Asia

Mongolian Mapper - Dutch East Indies


Minnesotan Mapping - General

Turn 1

Ottoman Empire

Description: The empire is shrinkin' and the government is declining therefore. However, we will regrow the empire and fix it. The Ottomans have got a massacre on Greece and Romania as well as Ukrainian Russian Empire.

Army: 2,000 Troopers, 4,000 Machine Gunners, 1,555 Snipers, 1,000 Rocketeers, 1,400 Tanks, 500 SPGs, 980 Elites

Wars/Massacres: War against Turkey and Balkans I


Romania: Huh, noobs live in this cringe! We are EPC!

Serbia: Wth, not again, we're not paying attention to you. ALso EPC

Iran: We will allie with AAA

Russia: Such freaking noob empire should disappear and we hate Ottoman Empire. WE HATE ANATOLIA!!!!!! BOMB THE PENINSUIA!

Peoples Republic of China (plz edit)

We secure our Legitimacy and Invade taiwan. The country will make other countries around it capilutate.


We try to use crazy megatoxic nukes but kill our own leader by accident. The Nuclear chemicals are blown with the winds really far away all the way to Ottoman Empire where like 700,000 people die and all newborn babies have three or four heads, some have six.


Our great leader kills himself after his wife leaves him. We decide to increase fundings in the military, and hold fair and democratic elections. The Afghani Nationalistic Party becomes an official party, and runs ads across the small nation. Police around the nation also crack down on crime and drugs, including weed.

French Southeast Asia:

My main man Pierre Piervous calls Napoleon and then amasses an army which travels to Vancouver, and then to Minnesota(Cause we sent a letter of surrender to Queen Tea & Biscuits, so she gave us free passage in Canada) In two weeks the most pitiful army in the world consisting of people who hardly speak the same language are defeated, and Crappesota is conquered, oh and we commit genocide, killing all men ages +15. Game finished, have g'day sires\

British Raj | Urdestan:

Ethan was feeling bored that they renamed the british colony to urdestan and kicked minnesota out of the world and found out that gargoyles are actually real but they live in minnesota so wtf

Turn 2 (1883)

The United States

we bomb Russia and invade them and annex them and then we genocide everyone who is poor or middle class


The Afghan Nationalistic Party easily wins the first official election, the leader and now President, Ashraf Ghani continues to crack down on drugs, and declares a Drug War in Afghanistan. Military spending and police spending are both increased.

Urdestan/British Raj:

The Urdestani government began investing on how to kill Minnesotans in a different way, without the need to euthanise. Urdestan bombs Minnesota hundred times and smuggled out video games related to Minnesota

Ottoman Empire:

Description: The empire is successful for some reason, now lets wreck Austria-Hungary and other bordering nations. Ottomans invade cities and kill many people in Austria, and we need success.

Army: 340,000 active troops


1. Ottoman Empire becomes like Third Reich

2. Ottomans expand in area and take over Southeastern Europe

3. Ottoman Empire nukes Sicily Island.


Serbia - Heck it, now we declined

Austria - LETS TAKE OVER BACK!!!!!

Greece - uhh, Lets allie

Turn 3 (1884)


Urdestan elects a new government in 1884 (the last election was in 1882), instead of the moderate Pro-Gargoyle State of Urdestan (PGSU) which their policies always become "screw THE MINNESOTAN" and continously make suicide bombings in Minnesota, they elect the even more anti-Minnesotan party called "Lovecraftian Productions from XOXO Harvey Weinstein" (LPFXOXOHW), which is anti-Ottoman and anti-Minnesotan combined, also they are quite chauvinist as well for some reason

They make a huge legislature change, so they genocide Siamese people (only the men, not the children and women) and replaced them with a lot of Rohingya people, develop nuclear arms because Minnesotan Mapping did a big mistake and also, to make this mandatory, no-one is allowed to have a normal name except Harvey Weinstein, Roy Price and Shiva Ayyadurai who are the elite of this new Urdestan. Everyone is forced to name themselves to something related to Lovecraftian, so their names are too alien and hard to pronounce and so that Weinstein could laugh and enjoy pronouncing these names... for no reason.

=== Ottoman Empire:


Description: We decide to annex more and more each time, and when we do so, we get more land to control, making out lives harder. Also, we have many jobs to do, so Ottoman Empire invades again.

Army: 500,000 Active Troops


Minnesota - See, Serbia, this nation does want to kill us, and HE FREAKING KILLED US!


1. The mechanics is rekt, so get out of here