The Largest City in Kingdom of Parbounli  
Parbounil Kvaginion.png
Founded Around 660 BC
Incorporated January 30th, 2018
 - Major Iulius Bospxorsk
Population (2018) 15,000,000
Demonym Mogaxanin
Time zone UTC +2
Mogaxan (Parbounlinese: Mogaxan, Greek: Κωνσταντινούπολη, Turkish: İstanbul) is the largest city in Kingdom of Parbounli, the capital of Great Coast province (Parbounlinese: Provinsa Digkarata) and a City-District.


History of names

Name Officially started to use
Lygos unknown
Byzantium 660 BC
Constantinople 330 AD
Istanbul 1930 (1453 unofficially)
Mogaxan January 30th, 2018

Etymology of present name

Present name of Mogaxan is the translation from Parbounlinese: Moga+xan (Government+Port), because, according to Parbounlinese, this sea port is the largest in Parbounli and it's turnover is larger than other ports of Parbounli putting together.

Traditional names

Name (transcription to Latin) Used by
Mogaxan (pronounce x like h) Parbounlinese
Κωνσταντινούπολη (Konstantinoupoli) Greeks
İstanbul, İslambol Turkish
Цариград, Миклагорд Bulagrian
Constantinopolis Latins/Romans


Mogaxan iz Satelita

Satellite view of Mogaxan

Mogaxan is the one of two trans-continental cities (the next one is Port Said in Africa and Asia) and one of the largest cities in the entire world. City is built in Europe (65% area) and Asia (35% area). European and Asian sides are separated by Bosphorus Strait (Parbounlinese: Naratiunė Bospxora), which connects Sea of Marmara (Maraia Marmaree) to the Black Sea (Kiornka Maraia). The terrain is low, so melting ice in Greenland and Antarctica would flood this megacity.


Bazilika Santee Sopxiee

Hagia Sofia, one of the most incredible Byzantine creations.

Turkish is the major ethnicity in Mogaxan because they live here for over 550 years under Ottoman rule. Also, it's the most 'islamic major city' in Kingdom of Parbounli because over 65,3% city population are muslims (Sunni), while there are only 30,3% catholics and 4,2% orthodoxs. The other small communities are Chinese Buddhists, Jewish and Shiite Muslims.

Parbounlinese Turkish Greeks Other
2018 30,3% 64,8% 2,9% 2%


Ground transport

City has a well-developed metro and bus systems.
Araxan Euromogee

Euromoga Airport, one of 3 civil airports in Mogaxan, is located in Vimoxa eldership.

Air transport

In Mogaxan, there are 5 airports. 4 them are civil and 1 is military.