Multi's first series is called the Alternate History of Europe. It involves starting off with a blank European map, and making up countries or using historical or other mappers nations to make wars and stuff with them. Multi's AHOE uses Traditional mapping style, like GoldenRebel25, and currently has three episodes.


Multi's Alternate History of Europe is a continuation of his old Alternate Future of Europe series. After all of civilization is destroyed, the few remaining humans on Earth wander around the destroyed planet, as it is uninhabitable. Most of Earth has been contaminated, so humans have evolved to withstand more radiation and are more stronger then before the nuclear war. However, in America, the humans alive in South America have evolved differently, as they are resistant to arrows and spears by Early Asian raiders. In Western Europe, most of the area is in ruins, and Paris, Rome, and Barcelona all rot and erode, and are soon forgotten. The area is inhabited by small tribes of 30-50 people, and they wander around the countryside, looking for food from the trees as they begin to spread out. After around 50,000 years, trees have regrown and population in Europe starts to increase in the south. In the Middle East and Africa, the climate changes, and many small streams grow. In Syria, agricultural practices spring up and begin to spread. In Egypt, a tribe called the Shibi have grown hugely. Their population numbers about 3,000 and they begin to conquer neighboring tribes. In the year 1 of the First Era (to them at least) the Shibi tribe officially formed the nation of Shirbim.

Season One

Episode One

The first country appeared In Egypt, called Shirbim. The country expanded throughout Egypt, but found primitive natives with a country called Sowag in the region called Nubia. The war started in 2 AE (After Escape) and the Shirbimian army conquered the nation in 5 months. Other nations formed throughout the Middle East and Anatolia, including Yamnu, Urfa, Rutba, Jiyeh, and Trezbon. These nations expanded and the first European country, Miraci, formed. When Yamnu invaded Urfa in 5 AE, Trezbon and Miraci helped Urfa conquer Yamnu and Anatolia was split between them. Shirbim then invaded Derna in 7 AE, but collapsed after due to overextension and weak armies. Miracium decided to help the western areas form nations. This led to civilization being spread around the Mediterranean Sea. The kingdom of Rutba, which controlled Iraq, decided to attack the Middle East and invaded Jiyeh, Yata, Urfa, Cizre, and Miracium. All fell quickly, but Trezbon defeated the Rutban army, and the country collapsed in 17 AE.

Episode Two

In the west, Permia and Morocco fought a war, and Aragon and Masorpia joined on their own sides. The war ended with Permia and the newly formed Gazientia gaining the most land. In 22 AE, the Egyptian state Tahta attacked the other three states of Egypt. Two fell easily, but Bardiyah managed to stay alive. In 25 AE, the newly created Mamporia Invaded Morocco, conquering it in 3 months. In 30 AE, Gazientia and Modea invaded Provence. Gazientia and the newly formed Sacrania became allies. In 33 AE, some crazy person gained control over Sarab and invaded Tikolia, Urfa, and Vordalkien. Sarab fell in 3 days. In 34 AE, Egypt, Urfa, and Vordalkien invaded Syria. Tikolia helped Syria, while the Affanisid Caliphate was on its own side. The war ended with Urfa gaining land in Iraq and Vordalkien gaining Syria. In 40 AE, the German States attacked each other to gain control over the German region.

Episode Three

The war in Germany ended in 42 AE, with Austria and Mannan giving up and the others forming Bargow. The nation of Yugoslavi went to war with Buda, Sacrania, and Gazientia in 44 AE. Although Istria was lost, Hungary was gained by Yugoslavi. The nation then went to war with Bulgari and Greece, and conquered the entire Balkans. However, Yugoslavia collapsed due to culture artists. Afterwards, Mamporia and Tybers attacked Gazientia and conquered him. Afterwards, Alberia discover America and Ingentium, Mamporia, and Tyberny joined in. Meanwhile, Bargow conquered Holland and Denmark. Afterward, a Cold War between the Central Alliance, Bargow, Ingentium, Sacrania, and Vordalkien, against the Western Contimien, Tyberny, Mamporia, Urfa, and Alberia. A war started between these in 49 AE because the Tybernian king got killed by a Sacranian.

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