Multi Mappers is a mapper that joined the community on November 22nd, 2013. He currently has 4 videos and 105 subscribers.

Mapping History

Multi was not interested in mapping until late elementary school, mostly because I was to young to know about politics and the fact I was too busy dealing with space science. My 4th grade teacher brought me into the subject during our course on early U.S. history, tying me to Iroquois and colonial history. I began to map out the Continental United States in colonial times, soon adding into present-day maps. Soon I added the rest of the continent into the mix. During the summer, I decided to study WWII in Europe. I began drawing Europe with pencils in the year 1939 and did a war simulation by erasing the lines and redrawing them. In November of 5th grade, I decided to go back even further then WWII. I searched up the History of Europe on YouTube, an Mervune Meringue's HOE came up. I watched hi series multiple times to grasp a basic history of Europe. I also came along other channels such as 99Batran and EthanConquistador, and after a while Disturbedfan1100 and MrOwnerandPwner. Throughout this time, I continued drawing Europe, and began to grow to Asia and Africa. Then, one day while watching Mervune's HOE for facts I missed, I saw a link to the Future of Europe's wikia, right before 6th grade. I began observing the wikia, trying to gain the courage to talk to my favorite Youtubers. I created my account, Multi Mappers, on November 22, 2013. Of course this happened while a giant war was going on between Arceusfan2013 and Ethan, again. I created the peace accords that ended the war, and created the first alliance, the GMA, with GoldenRebel25. During the next two months, I kept trying to make my first video, but found it difficult as I had never animated before. Then, in January, I got really pissed off at Arcy, and declared a war. The war ended when Arcy was banned in early February. A cold war soon began between Multi and HappyDance, with their alliances the GMA and QMU assisting each. Multi uploaded his first video on March 22, 2014, and was soon elected out of the GMA leadership. Multi gradually began to forget about the wikia until early December 2014. Then Multi became chatmod, and started banning alts and playing in map games. Multi still uploads videos, just not as often as usual.

Polandball Comics

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