(NSF) New Socialist Federation                                                              

This faction is the outcome from the merging of GCA and TRA


Member : Zukas                            Position : Leader of GCA ; Leader of NSF

Member : Drexmapper'                Position : Leader of GCA ; Leader of NSF

Member : Mind                             Position :  Marshall of GCA ;  Marshall of NSF

Member : Sunburn9000              Position : Major of  NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : Multi Mappers            Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : BielLuk                        Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : Thumboy                     Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : EthanConquistador   Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : Craft0video                Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : FlyBoiKai                    Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : TheLatvianMan1       Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member : Goldenrebel25          Position : Civil of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member: Zoltek/Velcube           Position: Civil Of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade

Member: Ironhand21                 Position: Civil Of NSF ; Rogue/Comrade



I guess they are good now that there are 2 leaders again but one of their leaders hates communists and socialism 

Current relations:20(Threatened)


We maintain good relations with the alliance, we are allies.

Current relations:110(Allies)


They tried to edit the map so NSF becomes smaller, also we were at war before when they were HDA and NMA.

Current relations:-50(Hostile)


Our red sun is arising and   drives us Forth! To the fight for a mapperdonia 




 Come with us and all united

to go forth

and if we meet obstacles

our right FIRE

Flaming swords,flaming swords

the mapper people has made the decision

we won't leave it enslaved

peoples domination everyone asks

One people, One soul

in a society Socialistic

Together we will achieve

Total Freedom 

go forth Brothers 

in a society Socialistic

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