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Since I (99batran) took acting classes since 2010. I plan to make motivational speeches for countries who's birthdays had come. Don't worry I can make it seem that I am not American for other countries. If you want contribute, put your suggestions in the comments :3

Here is what I have so far for each country:

China: "China is the wisest the world has ever known. Our techniques and history had helped us dominate the Earth and help us win fights the West hasn't known before."

Germany: "Germany, had fought and lost. But we are a phoenix, a loss for us makes our successes even longer."

UK: "Britain took 1000 years to built, sure that makes us look lazy, but those who played a small roll in our Empire had brought us to Dominate the world in the 1900s. WE BROUGHT THE GOLDEN AGE TO THE WORLD! BECAUSE WE ARE TO RULE BRITANNIA!!!"

Canada: "Canada is here today, because we remain loyal to an Empire who seeks to brought unity to the world. They may have not know it yet, but our winters are even harsher than Russia's."

Ireland: "For almost 1000 years we have fought for our freedom to think. For our taste of independence in the British Empire."

Greece: "We have INVENTED Democracy, WE are one of the most influential and legendary countries in history! Without us, Even the Roman Empire won't exist! In our History, we created The Greatest Empires the world has ever known! From Alexander's Empire to the Roman Empire and from the Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire! Perhaps we are not as strong as we used to, but we are a phoenix! A PURPLE PHOENIX!"

Russia: "Even if we are big, we got this way because every single Russian in the past 500 years had done a small part to build up what we are today. Sure, the sun has set on the Soviet Union, but we are still waiting for that sun (to) rise."

USA: "The British Empire took 1000 years to build, the French even longer, but WE, WE THE PEOPLE, took 100 years to become a world power! And it took 150 years for the world to know, that they can't survive without us (Great Depression)! We have spread democracy to empires, now the world, for what we know, had lived better with us. We are the saviors to protect countries from those who seek to use force! We made Freedom, not Democracy, BUT FREEDOM TO THINK. FREEDOM TO FEEL. And those who oppose us, are failures, because THEY HATE MOTIVATION, THEY HATE US BECAUSE WE ARE AMBITION! AND WE THE PEOPLE, Not the government, but WE had ironically brought down communism from the world stage! WE THE PEOPLE, HAD BROUGHT DOWN A SYSTEM MADE FOR THE PEOPLE. BECAUSE THE SYSTEM IS FAULT. And how the USA had gotten so powerful in 100 years you ask? Because we WANT to become a superpower, BECAUSE OUR GOVERNMENT, THE PRESIDENT, THE VICE PRESIDENT, EVEN CONGRESS WAS ONCE CHILDREN BORN FROM MOTHERS TOO, THE GOVERNMENT IS. THE. PEOPLE."

Norway: "We have a long history of WAR, Our Ships had dominate even BRITAIN in the past. Our influence, our culture, is so celebrated! OUR WAR-LIKE CULTURE HAD BROUGHT FEAR TO THE HEARTS OF MANY WHO HAD CROSS OUR WAY ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY! WE EVEN UNITED SCANDINAVIA!"

Bulgaria: "Our people have been existing before The Holy Roman Empire, we have large conquests to live, we fight to bee free and independent. We may have lost the Balkan Wars and the World Wars, but our people never gave up. We were one of the first countries in SPACE! Without us, there are no Balkans."