Nauru is an island nation that is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is wholly within the Pacific Ocean.

1280px-Flag of Nauru.svg

Flag of Nauru


Continental Discovery

It was annexed by Germans in the late 19th century.

Uses in World War II

Japan captured Nauru in 1930's. But then, before Japan was nuked, America made Japan surrender the land it owned on Nauru. Australia took it from Japan with agreement from the United Nations. Nauru didn't like this.


Nauru became self-governing in 1966, but two years later in 1968, it became independent. As you would've expected, Australia wasn't happy. It became a popular spot to mine because of how the Island formed; the special things that popped up when the island formed. As of the time, Nauru was the smallest island nation in the world.

Status Today

Nauru has the lowest population of any official member of the UN.

Nauru is the most obese country in the world.



Nauru isn't the fatest country any longer and takes over some Pacific Islands

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