Navicia episode 2

Maximum extent of Navicia.

Navicia (Na-ve-cia) is a major nation in Olimario849's alternate future of Europe series and the former official nation.


After the UK was disbanded England began to slowly collapse for a time until a man named Anthony promised a greater Britain, after overthrowing the English government Navicia was established and began to conquer the British isles. eventually Navicia began to expand into the north Atlantic, conquering Iceland the Faroe islands and Greenland which sparked tensions between Navicia and Denmark. after joining the Imperial alliance Navicia declared war on France sparking world war 3, at the end of the war only the Normandy area was gained. John became ruler of Navicia but before there was any expansion there was a war. after the war there were major tensions as the European war began resulting in more fighting, after some short battles Navicia surrendered.

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