Commonwealth of New Britannia
1st January, 1831–Present
Flag of New Britannia.png Coat of Arms of New Britannia.png
Flag Coat of Arms
«At Thy Call»
«Land of Hope and Glory»
Land of Hope and Glory
Map of the New Britannian Commonwealth.png
Capital District of Columbia
Official languages English
Recognised regional languages French
Ethnic groups
  • 95% European
  • 4% Indigenous
  • 1% Afrodescendant
Demonym Britannian
  • 83% Protestantism, 10% other Christian
  • 0.2% other religion
  • 5% no religion
  • 3% unspecified
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 - President Donald Trump
 - Vice President Mike Pence
 - Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Chamber of Deputies
 - Thirteen Colonies 1607-1776
 - American War of Independence April 19th, 1775
 - British Victory in the American War of Independence September 3rd, 1783
 - Agreement of Newfoundland June 21st, 1942
 - Britannian Constitution January 1st, 1831
 -  Total 152,455 km² (58,863 sq mi)
 -  2017 estimate 19,524,455 
     Density 128.1/km²  (331.7/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 - Total $ 5.7 trillion (6th)
 - Per capita $ 49,346
HDI (2018) Increase 0.770
Currency Pound sterling (£) (NBP)
Time zone (UTC−8 to −4)
 - Summer (DST) (UTC−7 to −3)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +44
Internet TLD .nb

New Britannia, officially the Commonwealth of New Britannia is located in North America. With almost 119 million people. The capital is the District of Columbia, while the largest city is New York. The country is currently composed of 23 states.

The Britannian lands were once ruled by the British and the French during the European colonization. When the War of Independence was won in 1783, the remainder of the lands were in colonial occupation of the British Empire. Then, the King, agreed upon by the people and the parliament, decided to give autonomy to the New Britannian state, giving it a new army, a law enforcement of its own and that way, Britain does not have to worry about the situations in New Britannia. However, the Commonwealth was fully independent but in the crown of Queen Victoria by 1859, and the nation rejoiced.


Since the victory over the American War of Independence, The British decided that the Thirteen Colonies would be disbanded. A new constitution in 1831 states that the new successor of the Thirteen Colonies would be New Britannia. It fitted well, since Britain thought it would be its own new land.


Thirteen Colonies

The Thirteen Colonies were a group of British colonies on the east coast of North America founded in the 17th and 18th centuries that declared independence in 1776 and formed the United States of America. The Thirteen Colonies had very similar political, constitutional, and legal systems, and were dominated by Protestant English-speakers. They were part of Britain's possessions in the New World, which also included colonies in Canada and the Caribbean, as well as East and West Florida.

In the 18th century, the British government operated its colonies under a policy of mercantilism, in which the central government administered its possessions for the economic benefit of the mother country. However, the Thirteen Colonies had a high degree of self-governance and active local elections, and resisted London's demands for more control. In the 1750s, the colonies began collaborating with one another instead of dealing directly with Britain. These inter-colonial activities cultivated a sense of shared American identity and led to calls for protection of the colonists' "Rights as Englishmen", especially the principle of "no taxation without representation". Grievances with the British government led to the American Revolution, in which the colonies collaborated in forming a Continental Congress which declared independence in 1776 and fought the American Revolutionary War (1775–83) with the aid of France, the Dutch Republic, and Spain.

American War of Independence

A British officer with his loyal hound

After 1765, growing philosophical and political differences strained the relationship between Great Britain and its colonies. Patriot protests against taxation without representation followed the Stamp Act and escalated into boycotts, which culminated in 1773 with the Sons of Liberty destroying a shipment of tea in Boston Harbor. Britain responded by closing Boston Harbor and passing a series of punitive measures against Massachusetts Bay Colony. Massachusetts colonists responded with the Suffolk Resolves, and they established a shadow government which wrested control of the countryside from the Crown. Twelve colonies formed a Continental Congress to coordinate their resistance, establishing committees and conventions that effectively seized power.

British Victory over the Independence War

After numerous battles have been won and lost, the Americans, defeated and demoralized, ceased operations and desperately asked for a peace resolution. The British victory had been largely an honored day of the Empire, but at at a huge cost it had been won.

World War I

A British propaganda poster from the Great War

The New Britannian country had been sworn allies with Britain since the start. It would join against Germany in 1914, and the victory over World War I had been huge around the country. However, a lot of German immigrants have entered the country.

World War II

60th Infantry Regiment of New Britannia

It joined the Allied side ever since the start of the war, as well. After a join operation in Normandy, and the eventual loss of the Axis powers, the whole country rejoiced and celebrated.

The Agreement of Newfoundland

The United Kingdom, desperate for battleships, and enlarge their navy in general, have sought attention from New Britannia. In 1942, they had signed the Agreement of Newfoundland, stating that Britain would give Newfoundland to New Britannia as a port in exchange for battleships.


The New Britannian state is a diplomatically active country with embassies all over the world. It is currently in NATO, the United Nations.


The current president is Donald Trump along with Mike Pence. They are both a part of the Republican Conservative party. He was inaugurated in November of 2017.


The federal legislature is the bicameral Congress of New Britannia, composed of the Senate of New Britannia and the House of Representatives. The Congress makes federal law, declares war, imposes taxes, approves the national budget and international treaties. The Congress is elected by plurality vote in every state. Every state sends 55 deputies and 15 senators.

The House of Representatives and the Senate of New Britannia are both elected in a four-year term. The deputies and senators elected by plurality vote.


Ever since both World Wars, New Britannia has strengthened itself, especially in World War 2. Now, since the Partial Disarming Act of 1946, it has lowered the Military in favor of civilian production and resources. They were on the brink of cancelling the Act however, due to the Cold War.

It consists of 5 major branches:

  • The National Guard
  • The New Britannian Air Force
  • New Britannia Marine Corps
  • New Britannia Coast Guard
  • Grand Naval Guard of New Britannia

Britannian Military personnel total of over 2,100,000 million. Active duty forces are 1,010,000 and the Reserve force is 890.000. New Britannia ranks 1st in the world. All ages between 11 and 16 are required military training from education. Every men between 16 and 18 is trained the art of war.

As a member of NATO, the New Britannian military participates in exercises and deployments under the auspices of the alliance. New Britannia is heavily involved in NATO.

Law and Justice

New Britannia's law enforcement organization is the National Police Guard Organization. Since the Republican Conservative Party took over, the police force had strengthened significantly. It is a very large agency with its responsibilities ranging from road traffic control to counter-terrorism. There are separate police departments for different state. For example, the New York Police Guard. All of them have independent orders from the National Police Guard Organization.

The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature and comprises three Supreme Courts: the Court of Cassation, the Council of State and the Court of Auditors. The Judiciary system is also composed of civil courts, which judge civil and penal cases and administrative courts, which judge disputes between the citizens and the Britannian administrative authorities.

Affairs with Official Nations

New Britannia currently has an alliance and/or an embassy in the following nations:

  1. Kareyanka Krallığı Republic of Karianka; Since 14th of February 2018, signed in Annapolis. Trade, Scientific and Military alliance.
  2. Western Flag by CJets The Western Republic; Since 10th of February, 2018, signed in New York. General Alliance


New Britannia has significant mineral and freshwater resources. The unemployment rate was 5.4% in 2015, and has risen at 5.9% in 2017. The government tries to combat this, although not so intensely, since it is not a major problem.


The current largest airport of New Britannia is Queen Victoria International Airport, which had 59 million passengers in 2016. The largest Airway company is the AirBritannia, based in Queen Victoria International Airport, which is in New York.

Science and technology

715-iss-bacteria 1024.jpg
The International Space Station

Currently, the New Britannian state spends about £43,9 billion on research, development and Space explorations or rocket science. As of 1st of February, 2018 New Britannia are currently working on a Britannian Space Station exclusively for its nation, so that we can conduct its own explorations and such on space.


Although most of its culture had been inherited from England and parts of Germany, the patriotism about its culture nonetheless has been massive over the years.


The Grilled Stake, one of New Britannia's dishes
A lot of stereotypes have prevailed upon New Britannia due to its cuisine. The Hamburger and the Stake has symbolized New Britannia since the start of the 1990's. It also symbolizes the increasing obesity rate of New Britannia. The government tries hard to decrease the obesity rate of New Britannia, but slowly is it coming down.

Drinks also symbolize New Britannia. Since German immigrants came along, a lot of beer has also prevailed inside the country, with the 2nd largest beer deposit, only behind Germany. Of course, Coca-cola also has a mark in New Britannian cuisine.


New Britannia National Soccer Stadium.jpg
The National Football Stadium of New Britannia, named "The Grand Arena"
New Britannia has also inherited the love for Football from England as well. Although Football is the largest and most cheered for sport in the country, Basketball also plays a big role in New Britannia, along with Cricket and Rugby.


For international league of Football, the home field is located in Baltimore, Maryland.


The largest Basketball arena and often represented as the home arena for the National Basketball team is Carrier Dome, located in Syracuse, New York.

Media and Broadcast

Main article: Television in New Britannia

The Media and Broadcast is controlled by the New Britannia Ministry of Information and Education. The main broadcast station and currently the pan-national station is the Company of New Britannian Broadcasting (CNBB). It holds the rights to broadcast several global contests, i.e Linguavision.

News papers also play a big role for regarding information to the general populace. The most popular newspaper is "Truth Speaks for Itself". Previously, the New York Times was the most popular newspaper, but recent news and events made them drop from that position. Of course, each political party has its own news paper, to each one its own truth. The "Freethinkers New Britannia" is an example of a major newspaper from a political party, from the Republican-Conservative and the Freethinkers' party.

Music and Art

Night At Ze PROMS.jpg
CNBB Night at the Show 2017 conducted by Sakari Oramo

Cur Back in the 19th century, New Britannia boomed in terms of Classical music. It still does today, with its prominent and beautiful Night at the Show programmed by the CNBB. Every year, the CNBB programs the Night at the Show proms, which is virtually identical with Britain's Night at the Proms. During the proms, the Head Conductor of the CNBB Orchestra Division plays classical hits from the 19th century, and often foreign flags do also wave in the proms. At the end of the prom, Rule Britannia, God save the Queen and then finally Land of Hope and Glory always plays. Nationalism and patriotism arise upon the crowd, especially when the National Anthem plays, making it sound remarkable, especially when in person.

There is also a prominent crowd cheering for Modern style music. Although a fifth of New Britannia does not prefer Modern style music, it is still a promising crowd, especially upon the youth.

Public and National Holidays

Each year, at the 1st of January, it is considered widely in the nation as the National day. New Britannia has no official Independence day.